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    Mahatma Gandhi awakened a national consciousness like no other.

    Mahatma Gandhi, a renowned figure in the history of independence of our country created a new wave of consciousness among the people of india. In the past, during British rule, the people of India were accustomed to being slaves to the British people even if they were living a life of subordination, they thought they had no other choice. However with the advent of Gandhi, a new consciousness was created and spread among the general people. The wave of non-cooperation and non-violence movement led to an inner hope and conscience among Indians, who followed his path to achieve the independence we have today. Mahatma Gandhi not only made people aware of the existence of such ideas but also traveled around the country in the form of a movement to let people be aware and conscious of such revelation. The Consciousness that Gandhi created is not limited to our country, his beliefs and ideas were spread across the globe which created a movement and a conscience that resides among millions of people. That is now Gandhi became the Mahatma Gandhi, we know today.
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    Gandhi Ji is the pride of our country and his thinking remains in the minds of the people even today. It has been the belief of Gandhiji that one should always follow the path of non-violence because by following the path of violence, you can never get the true meaning of your rights, he believed that we should be entitled to our rights only by staying on the path of honesty and truth. The path of satyagraha adopted by him also points in the same direction that we can get our rights peacefully without fighting. Today people are changing with the times and thinking is also changing but the glimpse of Gandhism is still making its impact in our society.

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    True. He awakened the consciousness of the people all over the country and everybody contributed their might for obtaining independence to the country. His approach towards the problem and his way of solving the issue is unique and novel those days. My grandfather used to tell me how the people of India participated in the non-cooperation movement. That momentum has come in the people because of the initiative took by this great personality. He made the people follow him by his acts, not by words. He used to follow whatever he advised others. He lived a very simple life and struggled for the country. Everybody thought that violence is the only way we can get independence from Britishers. But he believed in non-violence and made others also have faith in his plans and has gone forward and implemented his plans. It is very disgusting to see today's politicians who will use the name of this great man for getting votes but never follows him in their personal lives. A great man to be remembered forever.
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    A good tribute to Gandhiji by the author on the Gandhi Jayanti . You are right on the spot with the remark that a new consciousness was created and spread among the general people. The term general public is very apt. The awareness created was without any barriers of region or religion. Gandhiji created a global awareness of non- violence. Rabindranath Tagore was not in agreement with non-coperation movement but admired Gandhiji so much that he himself called Gandhiji as Mahatma.
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    The author has well connected the tow topic with that of Mahatma Gandhiji greatest trait of non violence which not only brought him name and fame but also helped the country to achieve the freedom. Many a time a clarion call given by Mahatma was widely accepted except for few who opposed his thoughts and they are also get convinced later. Remember in those days there was no television nor the radio coverage, yet the father of the nation visited many places by foot and gathered the public opinion through his best way of convincing people to join the freedom movement and thus he has become the one side attraction for many leaders in other country. His path to progress without violence idea never came to anybodies mind previously and that was the cake walk for Gandhiji to get into fame instantly and still considered the great.
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    Mahatma Gandhi was a great motivator and had inspired a large number of people to take up non violent methods for ousting the Britishers from our country and millions of people followed him. It is something very strange and surprising that Mahatma Gandhi was able to do something so important like that which many leaders, kings, and emperors couldn't do even with a large army. In this context his name will be immortal not only in Indian history but also in the world history and he is considered the greatest person of the century in which he could do such a mammoth task of herculean proportion. Another interesting and noteworthy thing in this matter is that he did not do it for any post or position for himself in the independent India. He simply did it for his fellow countrymen.
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