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    Such behaviour by children towards parents is completely wrong.

    Whether the parents are poor or rich or middle class, but every parent at his level tries to give a good build-up to their children. But I have seen some children always blaming their parents. They keep on telling the reason for the defeat in their career or life to their upbringing. Blames the parents for every small failure and believes that they have not been given proper guidance by their parents. I don't understand why a child brings such a thought in mind that the obstacle in his life is due to his upbringing. After a certain age, a person becomes capable of making the right decision for himself, I also believe that upbringing and the right guidance are important for a career but this does not mean that someone starts blaming his parents for his failure. This kind of misbehavior is really condemnable and shameful, which some children do to their parents.
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    Though the author's view is correct I am slightly distract from that view. The parents themselves are reason for behaviour of such children. Many parents are not sitting with their children from childhood and they either neglect them or keeping them aside by telling 'no time', 'they should know everything by their own', 'they should stand on their own legs'. This makes a crack rather than a gap between them. This is more in middle as well upper class families. Parents should sit with children by sharing fun, household routine, house happenings etc., so as the children have freedom to speak to the parents. We, in our house, four brothers lived in a joint family of 16 persons. have personal secrecy with us and very fraternity with all family members. We took food by sitting collectively and never took food without any one. No hidden eating in us. If this formed among the children by the parents, the parents would have a chance to share their views and accordingly if the father or mother against their wish, they would understand and in such cases no children blame parents as they pleased to get what they wished or satisfies themselves why they are not getting the thing as wished.
    Simple example I wish to share here, when we, myself and my brother's eleven years old daughter went to supermarket, she opted to have a small sanitizer bottle for her own, I told to select big one and share a portion into her existing bottle as it would satisfy herself as well all house members. She nodded her head and took a big one. If I just refused for her small bottle her dissatisfaction prevails whole the day but explanation make her to realize her as well my point.
    So, totally open talk is vanished in families between parents and children.

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    Blaming parents has become a habit for some young people these days. But here we can't blindly find fault with the young people only. There are some parents who behave in a different way. These days many parents are becoming very busy with their other engagements and not gaining sufficient time for their children. The fate of the children was left to the servant maids. These practices are giving some wrong impressions to the children and they are not getting good impressions about their parents. But irrespective of the behaviour of the parents, children should be grateful to their parents as they are on this earth due to their parents only. But this type of thinking is also not coming into the minds of the children. These days this has become an order of the day to blame somebody else for our failures. There should be a change in the thinking process. Mutual faith is very important between the parents and the children.
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    Many children blame their parents for their own mistakes and follies because it is the easiest thing to do. They feel that by doing that the blame will simply go to their parents and they will be scot free. This basically happens when parents do not tackle their children in the correct way. There is something wrong with the bringing up of the children in such houses where children do like that. in my opinion parents should not pahuncha the children for anything and the children should be involved in one another activity so that they start the responsibility from an early age rather than becoming dependent or parasite on the parents. The parents should come out of their affection psychosis with children. It is good to love and care the children but not on the cost that children are spoilt.
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    Yes, we have seen how are our children behaving rudely with their parents. If asked regarding their failures, they would rely immediately that they were not provided right education for getting success in their service- life. This is really a torturous moment for the unfortunate parents if they are with their irresponsible children. Constant cajoling in that way may invite health issues to both the parents and children. This needs a thorough review of the situation by the children's side. May be they were not allowed in some branded public schools to sustain their primary education leading to their failures in conversing English with their colleagues or may be other reasons for their utter failures. Their parents were from the low income group segments having liabilities of bringing up other children as well. As such, they could not afford to provide them such facilities to all their children. Instead of blaming their parents, they should do their homework how best their difficulties can be overcome. They should be grateful to their parents for the best comforts possible for them and they should be obliged for the same.

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    Author has raised an important issue through this post and that need to be discussed. It is the fact that children are blaming the parents for the incompetency in achieving the targets and tasks and that is very easy to shift the blame rather taking the things to their stride. Up to certain age the parents would be helping the children and after that they need to mend the ways and parents expect own driving of life through the experience that were gathered. In some countries up to school going level only the children are helped by the parents and later they become independent and the parents would not interfere whatsoever the matter is. Such kind of rules not followed in India and here even after the marriage the son and daughter are depended on the parents for one favor or help or the other and thus blaming game do takes place for free.
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