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    Ageing is very high price to pay for maturity

    Most of us know this fact that people get matured with age and after some significant time only they become prudent enough to take correct decisions in life. Now the speed of getting maturity would vary from person to person depending upon the intelligence level, heridity, the environment in which one is brought up and things like that. So, it is possible that a person can mature after a long time and reaches that phase when getting mature may not be so fruitful as if he had been so when he was younger. Hence, becoming mature at the fag end of life might not be so useful in practical terms but the reality is that many mature like that only. Don't you think that ageing is very high price to pay for maturity?
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    Maturity is always essential in every steps. Often the wise people have the maturity levels and the same can be sensed in their every actions. They know how to proceed in their talks and to what extent it is essential to talk in a particular topic. Such manners make them popular and they have better command and respect of the people due to their matured behaviours. It is a proverb indicating that think twice before you speak. It simply suggests that the words uttered by you should create a positive impression before the public. You can achieve that level of maturity with the consistent practice of your words suiting under a given situation. Moreover, you need to control your emotions showing others that you are under full control of yourself. Anger, frustration and depression are the negative traits and such emotions are to be curbed as far as possible. It would be,too, late to mend your ways at the ripe old age and in such a stage maturity will hardly pay you.

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    Some people who are very wise and intelligent may get their maturity of mind at a very young age. Some may not be very wise and they may get matured late. As mentioned by the author, the environment in which an individual was brought up and the way in which the parents bring them up will have a lot of influence on the maturity levels of the child. Generally matured people will be more successful in their lives. So it is always better to become more matured at an early age only. For this intelligence of the individual may be a factor. But more than that the children should be taught from their early days itself so that they will not lose opportunities that will come to them in their lives to be successful. Elder members in the family should allow the children to think independently instead of spoon-feeding them in every aspect but cautioning them about the pros and cons of the actions will hasten the process of getting matured. I believe.
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    Maturity is a quality that tells how you take a decision or how you live life by balancing your circumstances. In fact, maturity cannot be measured on a single scale, nor can it be individualized on the basis of age. Some people believe that experience is also an element that greatly influences maturity, but this is not always possible. The power of thinking of a mature person is of such a level that he maintains coordination with the understanding and does not even panic suddenly. When we start becoming patient according to things and circumstances, perhaps since then we start climbing the ladder of maturity but there is no end to it that means you can never find any person fully mature. It is such a quality in human life that it is constantly developing in itself, and for sure aging is not affected maturity level.

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    It is right that as we grow up we get the wisdom of thinking good and bad and that is also associated having good understanding and relations with elders, peer group and ultimate well wishers. The maturity level to think positive comes when we try to analyze the things as it comes to our fore and instead taking some hasty decision we have think and respond. Just now my wife received a Facebook message from the family doctor asking to send 5000 rupees immediately and would return in one day. Having got doubt she immediately called the doctor who has another number. Doctor was taken aback that he has so far received 7 complaints asking for money and his profile picture was also used. Fortunately our wisdom and timely action on the matter has prevent losing that money. This is the classic example of getting aged to get the right wisdom.
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