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    Jokes to relax please

    Judge: Chandu, it has been proved that you are not guilty of stealing the goats from the farm. You can go now.
    Chandu: Thank you sir, so can I keep the goats with me?
    Beggar at the temple entrance: Madam, you are looking like a film actress. Please give ten rupees to this blind beggar.
    Husband to the wife: Give him hundred rupees, he is really blind.
    One: How you are telling that doctor is a fake?
    Another: I told him that I am getting breathing problem if I walk ten feet. He suggested not to walk more than nine feet.
    Husband to wife: I would have married a sensible woman.
    Wife: No sensible woman will marry you.
    Husband: Exactly! I want to prove this only.
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    As usual, the author has come out with good jokes and I really enjoyed them well. These days wife and husband jokes are very popular and the author has selected such good popular jokes only. I thank the author for the thread.
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    On this Saturday the author has come up with some refershing jokes which are new and good. The first one is about demeaning how the judiciary playing traunt with delayed judgement and no reality attached to it. The second joke clearly proves that how the ladies can be pampered to get the work done and how conscious they are when the looks are described as young and happening. And the third one was hilarious and had the dig at doctors understanding the patient. Normally the miscommunication between the doctor and patient would draw humor and the author has tried this very good. The last one is very good as there is always chance of Husband and wife degrading the others in the guise of cheap remarks and this one was the height of all/ Thanks to the author once more as like food for work, jokes for thought is essential
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    All the jokes are very interesting. A good compilation by the author. Anyway apart from these jokes, I was just thinking why so many jokes are there in this world about the husband and wife relationship. Some of them are too exaggerated also but people enjoy them.
    Knowledge is power.

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    As always the author came up with very laughable jokes, I like to thank him for his continued post related to the joekes. It's really helpful to make members laugh and help them to change their moods.

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