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    Farmers and soldiers. Two eyes of the nation.

    Farmers struggle in their fields and give food to the people. They spend a lot of time working in the fields and there is no guarantee that they will get back the money they are spending. Still, they continue growing crops so that the country will have sufficient stocks of food which is essential for the survival of mankind. The country is earning foreign exchange also by exporting the products from the farming community. We are able to eat because of the hard work of these farmers only.

    Soldiers are sacrificing their lives and safeguarding the interest of the nation. They leave their families and stay near the borders of the country to see that our country is safe. They will be always watching the actions of the enemy countries and take actions as and when required. We are able to sleep happily in our homes because of the confidence we have in these soldiers.

    our elders say that our eyes are the important organs in our body (Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam). Similarly, farmers and soldiers are like our eyes for the nation. It is our minimum duty to respect them and take care of them always.
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    Rightly said by the author that farmers and soldiers are both two eyes of this great nation. Because India is basically a agriculture country and being non educated, many took to farming across the country and that is the great and noble profession, as every farmer feeds the nation and that is the great trait for which we are all indebted to them. Secondly the soldiers are biggest requirement of our country as we are surrounded by the enemies and the soldiers keep the vigil across the border. When we sleep deep last night, next day morning we must wake up and thank every soldier who was guarding our borders and kept strict vigil on infiltrators and wrong doers. That is the reason being so the central and state govt give high regard to the farmers and soldiers and even a small problem is attended with great respect and immediately to give them confidence back.
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    The farmers and the soldiers are no doubt doing a great service to the nation. That does not mean that the service of the others to the country is no less. I consider all the people are contributing equally to the country and all the services are equally important.
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    Today is the birthday of our Rashtrapitha Mahatma Gandhi. Today is also birthday of our former Prime Minister beloved Lal Bahadur Shastri. In this backdrop the thread is very significant.

    No one can sleep peacefully with a hungry stomach. No one can live or sleep peacefully when he is in the fear of being attacked anytime. If we extend the same to a nation also it becomes true. A nation has to take care of the basic necessities of its people namely food, clothing and shelter.

    Food (and cotton or other materials) for cloth is produced and provided by the farmers. The nation's borders are protected from attack by the soldiers. So it is imperative that these two sections are taken care of and they given priority importance in our nation.
    It was Lal Bahadur Shastri who coined the slogan "Jai Jawan,Jai Kisan".- Hail Soldier, Hail

    Those were the times when our country had faced some humiliating attacks from neighbouring countries. Those were the times that we were not having self sufficiency in food production and had to depend on imports from other countries. There were scarcities and disenchantments. Soldiers were not having enough weapons or facilities for logistic needs. They had to face sever climatic conditions and did not have proper facilities to redress those hardships. Farmers did not have the facilities or inputs to increase production ,they did not get good price for their produce, did not have weather poof storage facilities.

    So it was found that unless our soldiers and farmers are taken care of and given importance and priority, country cannot progress. That was why the slogan Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan was started. Necessary programmes for their progress stared and implemented over the years by all subsequent governments. The Green revolution, is one example.

    Today due to the efforts of everyone concerned, our country is sufficient in food production, have a good distribution logistics and god buffer storage. We are one of the best Armed Forces in the world.
    So let us repeat Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.

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    A very beautiful thought presented by the author that is commendable. When we think in deep we understand that we are able to live our lives with good earning so we can provide ourselves all the facilities and lead a good and healthy life. But we should not forget that we can not even imagine a safe life without these two eyes of the nation, that is, Soldier and Farmer. Both are working not for their own benefit but for others too. A soldier sacrifices his life for the safety of the people of the nation at the same time a farmer gives his level best and hard work for producing the food that helps us to live or survive. We should also adopt some duties towards them, these people really deserve respect and a right value for their hard work. Though government and other organizations work for them we should also do some work in their benefits on an individual level.

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    All the parts in the body are important. But eyes are considered as the first requirement. In the same way for everybody security and food are very important. That is why many people think and feel that soldiers and farmers are very important. Many of the members may accept this. Of course, different people will have different thoughts.
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    It is very true that contribution of everyone in the country is important but if we see them relatively then the importance of farmers and soldiers cannot be undermined. Farmers are working in sun and rain and producing the basic grains and food materials for our survival. Soldiers are providing us safety from the intruders and enemies who are trying to enter our country borders. It is also obvious that the Govt has to take care of these two categories of peope by providing them with all the support and facilities. I think soldiers are getting some facilities commnesurate with their hard work but as regards the farmers they are still in a bad situation because of the middlemen who are exploiting them and taking themselves a big part of the selling profits of grains and vegetables. This is a big problem and requires some strong address to resolve it. Until the farmer is getting a fair price for his proceeds, he will not be interested in continuing the agricultural work seeing no future potential in that. In fact if we observe many children from farmer's family prefer a small job than going for farming. So they should be given facilities to sell their products in the market directly at higher prices also which would motivate them for keeping the pharming work continued.
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