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    Rather than merging people are there for splitting

    A friend of mine was with his two brothers and no parents are with them. All the three are living standard but separately in a same city. Whenever the festivals coming all the three assembled with their children in the house of elder brother. They celebrate the functions and festivals well collectively and enjoyed.
    Instead of appreciating this, some relatives of them sowed black seeds in their mind to celebrate in their houses itself so their house wellness could not be stopped.
    This year the brothers are thinking themselves to celebrate the forthcoming festivals separately in their houses separately and this decision makes irritation and dejection in the minds of their children and ladies.
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    That is true. People always know that if they allow people to unite, they become strong. So always they try to create a rift between the people who live together. It is good for all the family members to gather together someplace during festivals and special occasions and spend time together. That will make the children of all the brothers become more close and friendly. Generally, in our family, all our brothers and sisters will meet at our native place for Pongal in the month of January and for Viajayadasami in October. The children in our families looking for these get together very eagerly.
    These days there are people who feel that living alone with their family is only good for them. But when everything goes alright it is Ok. But when any need comes only one will understand the importance of siblings and friends. So they should hear the words of outsiders and they continue meeting and spending together once in a while. I feel.

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    It is the fact those who are living happily would be a sore to others as they want to create rift and situations between the relations so that they would fight and that would become the split of relations. Now a days staying together and living is next to impossible because the expectations of every family is big and they cannot adjust with others. The children cannot adjust in the joint family and even one small mistake would blown to big issue. In this case one need to appreciate the three brothers celebrating festivals at the big brother house and that became debating issue for others to make them split and the venom is already given through bad thoughts and thus they are now going to celebrate separately. But how come such a united family goes for splitting mode just because some one has sown the hatred in their mind that is really surprising.
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    The world is full of such people who misguide and mislead others by suggesting and advising such things to them who otherwise were remaining happily together. The author has given a good example of what is happening around in the society in these matters. To some extent it is also our immaturity that we hear the advices of these crooked people and apply them in our lives. Why we should at all follow such ill conceived ideas of other people's mind? It is well known that when we celebrate a function together then its charm increases manifold and what is the use of celebrating in isolation. We all are gregarious by nature and it is always fun to be around with other people in a group and then celebrate whatever we wanted to.
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    The author is absolutely correct, In today's time, where most of the families think of staying away from each other, there are some families in which love and belongingness remain and they share their happiness with their family, as the author discussed a family. Is. It is also true that there are people around us who can neither handle their family in their own life nor can they see the happiness of others. But when we want to take care of our relationships and do not want to lose them, then we should take care of them ourselves and should not fall under anyone's delusion. The more trust and connection we have with our family members, the stronger our relationship becomes. The smell of the fragrance of the relationship should remain, that is, even if we are away from our people for some reason, but the love between us should not diminish.

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    The author is right that there are sections of people who would not like to see unity of the families and if it is existing, they would leave no stone unturned to disturb such a cohesion with Some ill thinking advice. The results can be seen that there will be the disintegration of their unity. These crooked persons find pleasure in disturbing the peace of such families where unity among the relations are seen. We should take utmost care in our talks with such people. We should neither praise nor criticise our own relatives before them. In either of the cases, they would exploit the situation, they could pass on the same to our relatives distorting the facts in either of the cases leading to disintegration of the family- relations. We should definitely remain cautious while meeting such people.

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