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    Many people do their mistakes but no one should pointed out that.

    We live in an apartment of five houses. Children of three houses used to play in the common area as the schools are under lock-down. Three days back a child from one house in the upstairs took four of the other house children to the nearest Church casually but without the notice of others. Suddenly all the family persons searched for the children as they did not found in the common area but their play toys found there. Everybody got panic by assuming this and that. On seeing from the CC tv camera of the next apartment it was noted they were moving towards roadside. Everybody roamed here and there in search of the children. Later after two hours, they got located on their returning way from church located at 1.5 kilo meter distance. All the apartment persons warned all the children by saying not to do so and not to leave the apartment fence without saying to their parents or house persons. The climax here is the parents of the child who took the others to Church got angry with other apartment persons as they are pointing their child as culprit.
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    Author has been bringing such issues which bothers every one and it is natural happening in gated communities. What the children done may be childish, but the parents got agitated as they could not locate their children. Going out without informing anyone is the big mistake of the children and by the way the parents should have an eye on the children as to their activities and what they are doing. And why the apartment watchman has let out the children without the permission and he need to be questioned. Coming to the point of taking the friends to the Church, that is really astonishing that there may be other motives to the boy who want his friends to follow the Christianity. But taking them forcefully without the knowledge of their parents is something a bad trait and henceforth the boy should be kept out of reach of other children.
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    K Mohan,
    There is no indication that it is a gated community or that there is a security guard. And saying "there may be other motives to the boy who want his friends to follow the Christianity." is really despicable and horrified me. This is how poisonous news spreads and unwarranted action is taken, even lynching. There is an ongoing topic-based TOW that mentions consciousness and there are threads about thinking before speaking. It is hoped that you think twice before making such deplorable statements.

    Coming to the topic of the thread, indeed kids are often up to mischief and tend to get together to follow what somebody says, often under peer pressure. It is easy to say parents should give so and so instructions, but obviously, this does not always work and, in fact, deliberate defiance may set in. The kids must have just got fed up with being confined indoors for so long with no outings so decided to go ahead with the plan hatched by one or two kids. One child may be the leader who decided this outing, but other kids are equally responsible for doing something wrong and are equally to blame. Why did they feel that they should do what that child did? They could have stayed back and informed some adult.

    I would not necessarily advise parental supervision in play activities of kids if they have always been playing together. Let them have fun on their own. Now, though, as this has happened, indeed it would be necessary to have an older sibling or adult member of any of the families of the kids to just hang around when they are playing. It is hoped that this mishap, no matter that it was definitely unsafe, does not break up the friendship of the kids. How old was that child who planned it? Was the child a boy?

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    Children are innocent and make such mistakes in innocence, behind which their intention is not wrong, but they sometimes take such steps to give themselves fun. It is true that we cannot always keep an eye on the children because it will not be right to do so, but when the children are small and ignorant, then parents also have a duty to take care of the children, if they cannot do it themselves, then someone else should do it. Give work Give time to the children and explain to them what is right or wrong for them to do. Talk to the children so friendly that even if they take such a decision among themselves, none of them will think of informing their parents or taking permission. If one child out of five thought this, perhaps he could have stopped the other four too. We cannot use a word like blame here because it was a step taken in innocence but still if seen, it was the involvement of the five children.

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    Children are often taking initiatives of their own while playing in groups. The find utmost joy in the company of their friends. However, we have seen sometimes that they invite some problems during their play time often there is the exchange of hot words among them. But their strained relationships remain no more more than a couple of hours provided there is no interference of the parental sides. It is their normal way of indulgence, taking parts in some discussions, cracking jokes or even sometimes beating their peers. These are the parts of their play. Unfortunately, if the entire affair is known to their parents, the bondage of unity is distorted and sometimes, there is a permanent breakup of such a long relationship. If the situation does not want any interference of elders, let the same be resolved by them.

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    Sometimes in the excitement of something new the children just roam here and there without informing their house and that creates a lot of problem when they do not return in time or parents have to search for them as to where they were. Parents should train their children for this that if they leave the society campus and go outside in the market or any place of interest then they should tell it in their house. This is the basic discipline required from the children. Another important thing is that the societies where there is no security guard the parents have to be extra cautious about the activities of the children and must watch them time to time. It is very much necesary otherwise if the children sneak out to some place which is situated 1-2 km from the society then it would be very difficult to track them.
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    When children are playing together someone will take the lead and others will follow. That is natural. When our children are playing we should be watchful if we think they may do some mischief. Otherwise, we can allow them to play. While sending them we should tell them some time by which they should come back.
    Blaming a boy or supporting a boy when an activity happened in a group may not be the right attitude. If it is a matter between two kids, we can try to find out who is at fault. But when it is a group activity we have to warn everybody not to repeat such actions.
    These days there is no opportunity for children to go out and play freely because of the pandemic. But now a little free atmosphere is coming back. That might have made the children have a break. Anyhow, we should be attentive when our children are playing outside the house and see that there will not be any mischief.

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