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    Nature is giving but men are controlling with possession

    One day evening, I went to a outskirt area of Chennai to see a relative. In the bus I was travelling a senior person was accompanied with me and talking casually.
    On that way I saw many individual houses with garden and having plenty of flowers. I surprised that till evening nobody plucking the flowers in many houses. I with surprise expressed this to the person who accompanied with me. He with irritated voice, replied, many people do not use the flowers for themselves and not allowing others to pluck also. He told further that he was living in that area only and one morning casually tried to pluck some flowers for his house pooja as nobody is plucking, from outside but the house owner scolded him as anything for that. He further told that he plucked the flowers by seeking permission from a lady of that house.
    Many people are doing like this they are not utilizing and not giving to others also. But the plants and trees have no bias in offering flowers and fruits.
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    The author has raised an important happening that is going rounds in many colonies and apartments. I live in a colony where there are independent houses with forecourt and back yards and naturally many flower bearing plants are adorning every homes with lots of flowers but no one dares to pluck them because the dogs would alert the owner and they would come out and scold. Once I asked a owner as to why he is averse to plucking of flowers to which he gave a surprising reply. By plucking flowers, the plant would loose its yielding capacity and would not grow big. That means the flowers should not be plucked and must adorn the plant itself and that would give the pleasing looks also. So what the author says is right as the nature is ready to give its flowers, but neither the owner nor the others allowed to use the same.
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    It is indeed a matter of coincidence that this morning while I was watering the plants on the terrace, my younger sister and I were remembering an old incident of my neighbor that is also related to this thread. There is a house near my house where an old person has made his whole house just like a garden, in many pots, different types of flowers are always adorned from the courtyard to the terrace of his house, it looks very beautiful. But once because of his grandson plucking a flower, he beat his grandson with a stick even when the child was too young. After seeing such a scene, I did not understand whether I should respect him for his gardener nature that he take care of those plants just like a father or hate him for beating a small child like this. No person should be so devoted to his hobbies or habits that his humanity or kindness is exhausted.

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    I think, plucking flowers from the plants that are in another person's house is not correct. If at all we want to pluck we should take their permission and then pluck. But if we take permission from somebody in the house, the other members of the house should not shout at the person who is plucking the flowers. Instead, they can ask their family member not to give permission to other people.
    Some people may not like plucking flowers from the plants. They feel the trees with flowers look beautiful and it will be pleasant to have a look at the tree with flowers. My wife is one such person. She is very much interested in gardening and she never likes to pluck flowers. If there are 4 or 5 flowers on the tree, she will pluck a maximum of 2 flowers and she will not allow even me to pluck the remaining flowers.
    In our colony also many people are having the habit of plucking flowers from the trees that are in another house. Many trees in our colony are on the roadsides also. So people will not hesitate to pluck flowers from those trees. We seen many people in the morning doing the same.

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    The basic idea behind planting the flowering plants is that flowers will keep the place beautiful. If we pluck the flowers then how the place will remain beautiful. At the same time if the plant is giving so many flowers then it makes sense to pluck a few for purpose of worshiping or making a garland or any other such use. Some people do not plant the flowering plants and go out and pluck flowers from anyone's plants in the neighbourhood. That is not in a good taste. We have no right to pluck flowers without the permission of the owner. If the owner doesn't give permission then there is no point in insisting for it. If someone really wants to use flower then one should buy them from the market or plant some flowering plants in one's own house.
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    Some years back we had a discussion on this, but I could not locate the thread. K Mohan had mentioned some relative of his plucking a rose while visiting somebody's house and he could not understand why the owner had got angry. Some of us had supported the owner's action, stating that when somebody has spent a lot of time and effort in gardening, with some flowering plants taking years to nurture, obviously that person will get angry. You just cannot go and pluck a flower without permission. It is bad manners, basically, to take something that does not belong to you.
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    Yes, we should not pluck the flowers without the permission of the gardener or plants holder but on the other hand, the person who is taking care of those plants should also understand that nature is also playing its role in the formation of these flowers and if we will not pluck them they will wither and once they withered there is no use of them. On this planet, everything has its aim and we should not be an obstacle in this. I also like gardening and watering plants on daily basis but also allow others to pluck flowers after the maturity of flowers and use them for what they want to do so.

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    The issue is getting angry on plucking flowers in house of others in spite of getting permission. For this simple matter one cannot seek permission from one and all of that house, moreover we don't know who is the owner or permission giving authority etc. Here the discussion over the mentality of persons of such houses.

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