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    Number of aged people on the increase!

    Recent statistics show that the number of aged people is on an increase world wide. At the same time the number of children is showing a decreasing trend. At present the estimated number of the aged above 65 is 70.30 crores as per UN estimates. By 2050 UN expects this to be 150 crores. In 1990 six percent of the total population were above 65 years of age. This became 9% in 2019. It is estimated to be 16% by 2050.
    Majority of the aged will be in Asian countries. At present the estimate is 26 crores. Based on the present trend it could be 57crores. One out of three will be aged above 65 in Asian countries, inJapan 28%, Italy 23%. The maximum estimated increase, 226% is in North African region. The life span is also showing an increasing trend. The figures in 2015 -  2020 period is that among those who are of age 65 or more live 17 years more. The same by 2050 would become 19 years.
    10.1% of the population of India (13.8crores) are aged. By 2030 this is expected to be 19.4 crores (13.1%).
    Among States in India Kerala has more aged people (16.5%). Tamil Nadu (13.6%) and Himachal Pradesh (13.1%) are next in line. Bihar (7.7%) and UP (8.1%) are in the bottom.
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    It is true that due to longevity enhancement and family planning measures the number of aged people are increasing worldwide. This would make pressure on the care taking services and also Govt which has to provide good facilities to the older people. This will also result in mushrooming of old age home in our country as many families are preferring to live in nuclear family mode.
    So, this dis balance will be a challenge for the Soceity as well as the ruling regime. There will be more work load on the younger people as the number of young people will be less as compared to the old ones. Medical services will also have to revamp their facilities and will have to recruit more doctors and support staff to get the medical needs of this increasing old age population satisfied in our country.

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    It is generally believed that India's living condition and cooperating weather aspects give more life living experience for the seniors and that is the reason being so we can see more aged persons in Asia especially India. The old age food, its benefits are being still followed and that makes aged persons to survive even after 90 years these days. But what we need is the hale health and not confronted with medical issues as the age grows and crosses 40, Indians are confronting with diabetes, hypertension, digestion problem, gastro diseases and above all heart diseases. And those senior citizens who have the back up of hard earned money are sure to live with good attention at home by virtue of bank balance, but what about those seniors who lived hand to mouth all through their lives and they sacrificed everything for the children and nothing saved for them.
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    It is correct. Health consciousness among the people increased. There are many developments and inventions in the medical field which are useful to fight out deadly jobs. These two are helping in an increase in longevity. The average age of an as per the statics available is 69,66 years in the year 2019. It is almost a 50% increase when compared to the average age in 1960 which is just a little above 40 years, The average age of an individual in the UK is about 81 and in the US it is 78.74. When compared to the average in these two countries in 1960 the increase is just around 10% only. These countries are having high average life in 1960 itself which is not still achieved by India. This may be due to the high population and percentage of poor in India.
    Family planning activities are making the percentage of children less year by year and the percentage of people who are above 60 years is increasing. A day may come where the percentage of young people will become very less.

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