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This thread is the winner of the topic-based TOW contest for the month of Sept '21 on the topic Consciousness.
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    Why is hyper-consciousness not good?

    Awareness about a thing is good because it allows people to know about other persons or anything. It helps to think about anyone and make better decisions about a person. But when it comes to consciousness, it becomes more crucial because when anyone is more conscious about a person, he/she try to micro-analyze, think about him/her and their actions at the micro-level. If there are several benefits of being conscious, then several hindrances are also there. People who are conscious of everything are aware of their feelings and beliefs. So they try to follow their feeling and beliefs strictly and stuck to their personal values. When they focus on the positive part of a thing, at the same time, they also focus on the negative side of it. Hence, several unpleasant thoughts and feelings come into their mind. These negativities may lead to increased stress and anxiety. These people also think acutely about others that "how will other people think about him/her"? These kinds of thoughts make life difficult. Due to hyper consciousness, people may lose their confidence. They may feel that they are depressed and ill. A famous quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky is "I swear, gentlemen, that to be too conscious is an illness - a real thorough-going illness."

    However, being conscious is not very unusual. We all become conscious at some point in life. And, it is quite obvious to be worried about some important issues and such situations are quite handleable. But the people who are too conscious may develop uncomfortable feelings and anxiety. It is better to possess only the required amount of consciousness and try to develop healthy consciousness. So that life will become easy and full of happiness.

    My entry for Topic based TOW contest for Sept '21- topic-'Consciousness'.
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    The author has brought in important observance through this tow topic post and it is the fact that we go into hyper consciousness about how the others would value our personality, look, dressing sense and even the knowledge power. What is the main problem with some that they think too much on every matter and they exaggerate in such a way that they get tensed and make others to tow their thought process and that nothing but imposing their way of micro probing. For everything limited consciousness is enough to get out of the situation but with over consciousness we sometimes acts like a probing agent or detective to which we are not only wasting our time and energy but also bothering others to tow our line of thinking. Never create uneasy situation to others through your over rating process of any issue and that is dangerous trait.
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    A very different but thought-considering thread is presented by the author that is commendable and there is a good chance to select the thread for best threads. The author has explained a different form of consciousness and it seems to be true to a great extent. Consciousness must be found in a balanced form. One word that has been used by the author is "Healthy Consciousness" This word really says a lot. Consciousness should not only mean self-consciousness but a balanced form of the right parameters in the right way. Excess consciousness can certainly create many questions and sometimes conflicts in your mind.

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    That is true. A person who is hyper- consciousness may develop anxiousness for small things also. I have seen this quality in my father. He is hyper-conscious about his health. He will get worried more even for a small difference from routine or a small health problem. In that hyper- consciousness, he will start using medicines and even when he will exaggerate the problem and tell the doctor. He appears much worried even for a small common problem like headache also. We have taken him to a doctor in Hyderabad and he was treated well and he became normal. But the problem is that he has to continue those medicines forever.
    Consciousness is always good. But it should not become hyper. We all know anything in excess is not good. The same is the case in this aspect also.

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    Consciousness is definitely a good thing so that we can analyse the different vital points related to that thing and we should have such an analytical approach. To that extent, it is good to have a fair idea of the different issues but exceeding that limit makes hyper sensitive thinking the darker side of happenings. We can come across many people having consciousness of their health issues. They do everything to keep themselves fit such as morning walk, jogging, avoidance of fat diets etc so as to retain their good figure. They have included all these features for the restoration of sound health but once they keep on thinking continuously on these issues, they would be deprived of the real health benefits and hence we should identify the limit and crossing that limit will make their lives tensed and of course, that is not desirable.

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    The author has raised a very interesting pist about the high consciousness level in some people which can appear as hyper consciousness also at times. If a person is intelligent and well aware about the various matters in the society and of the environment around him then he will be able to take good decision and will be using his consciousness level in the optimal way. But when a person is working in a group and the group is following some common objective then the individual cannot dictate his level of consciousness on the group members. He will have to go by the common intelligence level of the group for achieving objective in a cordial and amicable way of working. Using hyper consciousness level in Indidual matters is a thing of personal choice and one can exercise that in one's activities.
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