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    By drafting just seven letters I was paid 2000 rupees. Word power ?

    I was referred by one of the friend who has seen my writing at ISC and recommended my name to a welfare society looking after interest of overseas manpower facing hurdles and problems at the destination and they asked me to write some letters to redress their grievance. Of course they told the gist in Urdu and I typed the same into English and having impressed they paid me 2000 rupees immediately as I just drafted seven letters of few sentences for two hours and that made them overwhelming and asked me to come every Sunday to look after their correspondence procedures henceforth. Thanks ISC, now the word power is getting me recognition and decent earning.
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    Mohan, if you remember time to time many members had emphasized this fact in forum discussions that working in ISC is a great advantage for learning and refining once English language and writing skills and today you have given a practical proof of that to all of us. In ISC we are daily getting opportunities for writing responses to forum discussions, taking part in different type of contests, writing our contents in different ways, and things like that which help us and are instrumental in developing our presentation skills and it is also true that whatever we write after so much refinement, experience, and learning, would impress the readers as well as to all the users of that particular content. It is a matter of great happiness for all the members that you have been benefited by the takeaways from here. Well done and keep it up.
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    Congratulation K Mohan sir, that you have got proper cash for some words, it is true that words also have great power. Your writing skills are very good and this is known to every member who constantly reads your writings. It is true that ISC is a great medium for us where we develop our interest or habit more and develop ourselves as a writer. I have also understood the improvement in my writing skills in the last one year, along with this my command over the English language has also become better than before. ISC has contributed in every way to bring us to this point.

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    Congratulations Mohan. Your knowledge helped you to get some additional money. ISC helped in getting this deal. Definitely, when we write on different topics in the Forum section our language as well as subject knowledge will also increase and that will be helpful for us in discharging some of our professional obligations.
    We all know that practise makes a person perfect. So by attempting to write we get good knowledge. That is why we should all try to spend some time here and read the threads and try to put our thoughts there.
    There are many such opportunities around where people who are interested can get some additional money by attending to those works. But it all depends on the availability of time and interest. I hope you will discharge new duties well and earn much more in your other assignments also. All the best to you.

    always confident

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    Nice that you got a good compensation for the time and efforts you spent for that task. It happens sometimes. It may not happen so at all times or with all tasks. The present remuneration may also involve a factor of goodwill too.

    Just pray and hope that whatever you did for them ultimately bring benefit to them so that your service will be sought by them again and recommended further.

    In this regard, you can be happy that ISC has good reach which enabled someone to notice your work and seek your services.

    It would be welcome if some other members have similar incidents to narrate as testimonial for ISC's reach and popularity.

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    Congratulation to Mr. Mohan, you have got a chance to prove your ability. Yes, this is the true deployment of One's Skill, I have discussed this in Forum before. Many do not know their own quality but can realize when they get the value of their skills. For this, it is advisable to have your skills first, then the proper application of those skills must be in the right place. Only then can you get the right price. Finding the right marketing place is the most difficult thing. Currently, various online platforms are playing an important role in solving this problem. Even such a situation does not happen always, you have achieved it that great. Wish you all the best for future assignment and thank ISC to make it possible.
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    Truly the exposure to write understandable English was derived from here and that made great help.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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