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    Are we missing soft work, friends dropping and gossiping ?

    As the work culture changed for many the previous happenings like soft work activities, dropping the friends after work at their home and having some get together and totally away from gossiping is something everyone is missing for sure. Being inside room alone in four walls as companion have you ever tried to read the situation ? We have been tested and put on patience, we have helped to talk less and work more, above all we have been put on training to take decision on own without consulting the seniors or others as done previously. Are we gone one step further this way ?
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    Since one and half year that the coronavirus started its pangs in the world, there has been a phenomenal change in the lives of the people. Earlier we were driving pleasure and happiness from small small gestures and things like the author mentioned about dropping the friends, chit chatting with them, having short get together, passing time by standing at the corner of the house, and talking endlessly and getting fresh and refreshed time to time. All that has vanished in thin air and we are left with our four walls and the acute isolution in our respective houses. It is obvious that most of us are missing that life and yearning for it because after all human beings are gregarious in nature and except the introvert people all are now aspiring for that free and open year environment putting their hands on each others shoulders and move in the best possible friendly styles.
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    The author is rightly said as these days most of us going through the same situation. Naturally, we miss all this when we do not get it for a long time. I still remember when I was in school and the time for the final exam was near, then I used to feel very happy because I used to know that after the exam, I would get holidays from studies and also from school and I would have completed one month only. I am going to have fun but hardly a week after the exams were over, I started missing school, friends, and the atmosphere that I used to get during school days. Something similar has happened in the last years, since due to Covid-19, people had to resort to work from home or online study, etc., but many things were missing in their life. In the beginning level, maybe everyone found it more comfortable but after some time, a lot of things started missing.

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    . That is true. We are missing friends and colleagues and gossiping. But our screen time and smartphone time are increased. We are chatting with people on phone and we are spending more on our smartphones. We are saving time that we are wasting earlier on travel to and from office. Our houses have become our offices. I think slowly normalcy is coming. IT industry also is calling their employees to come to the office. But not a full week. Two days in the office and 3 days from home. But now the rule is that all should be present in the place of their posting. Many people left cities and went to their native places and working from home from there. But slowly all the companies are asking their employees to be stationed at their place of posting.
    Already many students started going to college. So the days are back. Dropping friends at their houses, gossiping and get togethers may also start in a short time. Let is hope for the better.

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