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    Is the idol or photo of God in every room right or wrong?

    People usually buy idols or pictures of God themselves and sometimes get gifts from others as well. There are some such idols which are being worshiped for a long time and they are kept at a particular place in the house, that particular place can also be the temple of the house or any other place of worship.

    The idols or photos of God, which are taken from time to time, are sometimes decorated in the showcase for decoration and sometimes they are kept in other rooms in reverence. In some houses, the photo of God will be found in every room and sometimes people start worshiping by applying Teeka on every photo. I believe that worship is not only a matter of reverence but also an essential element of mental peace, so a certain place and environment also matter for it. Sometimes additional photos or idols also enhance the work of worship.

    Although this topic is completely dependent on the ideology of the person, still I would like to know your view on whether it is right to worship God in this way in every room of the house or for this we should give importance to a certain place.
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    Many people will have this habit. In many houses, we see at least one photo of a God in every room of the house. This is very common in many houses belonging to Hindus. It may be true with other religions also.
    Generally. there will be a place specially designated as a Puja room. There the idols of various Gods and Goddesses will be placed. Every day morning, as well as an evening oil lamp, will be lighted and pooja will be performed by the members of the family. I do it in my house in the mornings and my wife will do the same in the evenings. The same is the case with many families.
    But pooja will not be performed near the photos that are in other rooms. They will be there on the walls or in the showcases. There is nothing wrong or right in this. It is an individual's interest and prerogative. But the only thing is we should throw these calendars here and there. We should treat them properly.

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    Except probably for mathematics,other matters may have different opinions and viewpoints.Faith and worship also will fall under this.

    Average ordinary people believe in God in the belief that they are protected and saved by God . For them God is the only one whom they can confide everything and seek remedy. As they cannot see God per se in any physical live form in front of them,they see God in a symbolic or representative mode in idols.
    In the absence of their mother around many children feel safe and secure by keeping or clinging to a cloth or some other thing their mother uses. For them that is a symbol or representation of their mother. Similarly people feel safe and secure by keeping and seeing the idols of God.

    Many people want to start their day with a positive safe feeling. So they would like to look at God's idol and thus keep an idol or picture of God (n he form they understand and worship) in their bedroom also.

    Hence if one feels safe ,secure and positive by keeping the photos and idols of God(as they understand and identify) in their rooms and proximity, there is nothing wrong. But I also suggest that in case such idols fall down or get damaged,then they need not feel bad or guilty, or ominous; but simply remove the damaged ones and replace with afresh good one. That is all.

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    Our elders used to say that there is a designated room or space for the God's to be kept and not in every room. By the way photos of Gods are prayed for our satisfaction and there is always a sanctity for the idols to be prayed. When idols are kept, then daily pooja has to be carried out and not just put as the decorating item at the pooja room. That is the reason being so in olden days there used to be separate room for the Gods and the rituals would takes place daily and offerings are made and no one without taking bath is allowed nor seek the blessings. But now a days due to constraint of space, we are allotting small space somewhere in the kitchen or hall for the purpose of praying and following the God. One thing is sure instead of praying the photos take a bow at early morning sunrise with is the real God seen with the naked eyes.
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    Many people has belief in existence of God and they believe to see the God's picture once they got up from the bed in the morning. During 1960-70, I have seen one land lord in our city, sentimentally believed to see Black monkey, fox at the wake-up, have both of them as pet in his house, with the permission of concerned authorities. Some used to see their both palms hold together in the morning at their wake up. Some persons keep God's photo nearby their bed as their room was not having any God's picture.

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    @ 2744149 "Our elders used to say that there is a designated room or space for the God's to be kept and not in every room. By the way photos of Gods are prayed for our satisfaction and there is always a sanctity for the idols to be prayed. When idols are kept, then daily pooja has to be carried out ...."
    it is only a for idols consecrated as per paid out procedure like "Aagama Vidh"i etc such rituals to be followed. For the pictures and small idols we buy and keep at our home do need such rituals. that is there for our satisfaction. it is for our self-discipline and sense of importance that we observe certain behaviour and put upon ourselves certain restrictions.

    if we really believe that god is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, then we need not worry where God's idol or picture is kept. We simply cannot escape from god's observation. Actually this feeling should be followed in our acts by avoiding ill deeds and ill words and doing only good deeds and saying good words. Otherwise all other forms of observances are just cheating-cheating ourselves and cheating God also.

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    Hanging the photos of Gods or idols in every room or in a particular place in the house is entirely a personal matter and will vary from individual to individual. I remember in my childhood when I was living in my small town then I had seen that there was a specific place for doing worshipping and the idols or photos were only affixed there either on the walls or kept on a higher stool or stand. This trend started to change when shopkeepers started to give annual calendars to their customers which were so popular at that time that people used them for seeing dates and other things so once people got these calendars from the shopkeepers they would hang at least one calendar in one room and some calendars were having very beautiful paintings of the landscapes or photographs of some Gods or some other interesting pictures in them and below that there was a calender where dates were mentioned for that particular year.
    That was a point from where photographs of the Gods were seen in the rooms of the houses.
    Now calendars are out of fashion and shopkeepers don't give it also but hanging the photographs of Gods on the room walls is still continuing.

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    I think it's a choice of people and hence the answer may vary if you ask them whether it is right or wrong. The important thing is not how many photos or idols of God you have in your home rather, how you associate with others. Nobody will call a person pious if the person is involved in unlawful activities yet keep a number of pictures/idols of God inside the house. Pictures/idols should not be used to create an impression though some people may willingly/unwillingly try to do that.

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