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    Decrease in cases or any deceit with the public.

    These days, on one hand, it was a warning by experts that the third wave would shake the country badly and on the other hand, cases are decreasing day by day in many places. Since this epidemic has already shaken the confidence of the people a lot and people are unable to trust neither the doctor nor the laboratory in some cases. In such a state of confusion, people are also looking at the government with suspicion. Some people also believe that the government is not allowing cases to come to the fore due to elections etc. Has the pandemic really become a part of the election game right now, are people's lives not important to them? What do you think about this?
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    First of all I wont agree with the author that the Pandemic situation has been concealed by the center as everything is new and happening has been recorded in case of deaths, cases and normal situation. Elections are the democratic process to which the government has nothing to do with the cases. One thing is sure when the first case was started some states taken the virus very easily and they have been battered now for which the center is not responsible. It is true that the cases have really came down or nil in many cities and states as the economy opened to full. Even the cases are traced, that are treated as per the protocols and now the people are well trained to face the third wave and we have been taught to remain calm and positive. So the author need not worry about the matter and the people take their actions to their stride.
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    I think we can understand the situation by observing the happenings outside. In the month of May when the number of cases was very high people were unable to get a bed for their patients and they have to try a lot. One of my relations was ill at that time and couldn't get a bed in any hospital in Hyderabad. Like that many cases were there. But now such a situation is not there. That itself is an indication that there is a reduction in the number of cases. The State and the Central government may be giving wrong figures but they will also follow the same trend always. 100 cases may be shown as 80 and 50 cases may be shown as 40. But she will not same 100 today as 80 and tomorrow have 40. Definitely case reduced. More than 50% of the cases that are reported daily are from Kerala only. During the first wave, Kerala was supposed to be the best state. But what happened to that state now is not known. Where things went wrong there are not reported anywhere.
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    When the pandemic started spreading, no one was thoroughly prepared for it. It simply caught us unawares. There was a wide scare created by it. It took some time to put in place some consistent and proper system. Till then ad-hoc-ism was more. That only was possible. The priority then was to save as many lives as possible. So there could have been some lacking in data collection too.
    Then some system was put in place and data collection was also started to be done. However as there was a great stigma and isolation of those affected, naturally people became hesitant to report or get tested especially when the symptoms were not much. Naturally many such cases went unreported unless there was death.
    Moreover no big compensation was announced for death cases and more death meant bad image for the health system of that state. So there was a period when some lacking or avoidance was there in reporting cases.
    It was when a discussion of compensation floated around that people insisted to get certified as Covid deaths.

    All this I say only from my inference and guess by reading news reports and discussion in media and social media.

    It may need some broad and extensive study to bring out the exact data -whether inflated or suppressed.

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    Many people are asking this question but if we analyse it in a rational way then we would find that there is definitely some anomaly in the number of cases being reported by the government. But the fact is that no one is doing it intentionally. India is a very big country and the data collected at the end of day is coming from so many sources, like hospital, so many district, so many states that some error could always be creeping in that. Another interesting thing is that there are people who are not able to reach the hospitals or are not having any medical facility near by and their names are not included in the data which we are seeing in the newspapers and media.
    All these thing are not happening today only but were very well happening since corona started its pangs in this country. So what we have to do is take this data with a pinch of salt and don't go for the absolute data but go for the trend in that. We should also remember in the back of our mind that corona is not a simple enemy and it can anytime emerge out of nowhere and create problems for the human beings.

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