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    National health record for every citizen one step further note on our welfare

    With the launch of national digital health card, every citizen would be closely monitored as regards to their health condition as regards to every test they have undergone, what medicines they have been prescribed and how long they are undergoing such treatments. Such basic information would facilitate the patient to avail doctor service across the country from govt side they can make health plans made available to the needy. The center already has the details of citizens through Aadhaar seeding and Jan dhan accounts of banks. What is your take on this new digital health card?
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    This is a digital initiative where our records of health will be stored digitally and the total health history can also be stored in this. This is mainly useful in making the procedures simple when we go to a hospital for treatment. If we give our ID the hospital can know about our complete health record as recorded on the site and they can plan further what are the investigations required and what are the precautions they have to take while treating us keeping our fast record in view.
    When we are staying in a particular place, we may use a particular hospital for treatment. After some years if we change our place we may have to go to a new place and then we may have to visit a new hospital there. If we have this ID we need not carry all the physical records and by giving our ID to the new hospital they can view the entire history.

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    I have apprehensions about this card. A future plan associated with this is to give access to registered Doctors and service providers. Will our medical records be unknowingly used for nefarious activities? We've often read reports of Doctors trying to make a quick buck on the side. Suppose somebody downloads records of one patient and uses them to forge some medical document for another patient? How far can we trust medical practitioners?

    We are required to give our Aadhar number of this card, I think. So is it that if somebody does not have an Aadhar card, that person cannot apply for a health ID card if he/she wants to do so?

    What about the law of digitally recorded data protection? Do we have a firm one, any idea? Also, how far can we really trust the electronic system? Many of us are as it is paranoid about breaches of data, hacking, etc. Do we really need one more stress factor?

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    There may apprehensions on how the health records are protected but this is fully secured government initiative portal.
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    We have seen in many past activities that the digital and online monitoring, controlling, and data keeping has resulted in immense benefit to our society and digital methods are definitely very good for a country like India where population is so high. Today the advanced technology and huge servers where sufficient storage is available have made the life very comfortable and only thing is that the government should take initiatives in this direction for storing the data in digital format and update it from different sources and make it robust depository of all the information regarding a person. Storing the data of so many people and updating it from time to time is not an easy process but I wish and hope that with this initiative of health card there will be serious contributions by the workers who have to update this data time to time and would do this noble task sincerely and seriously. Complete digitisation is the only solution for stepping towards a good governance.
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