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    Animals also understand the pain of master

    I was watching a video in which the pet owner is doing the gardening work and his trolley gets stuck up in the mud and the pet dog was watching all these things and immediately ran and brought a rope to suggest tie the rope to the trolley and pull from the ditch. And that worked well and trolley was back to the work. This proves that the animals also understand the pain of the master and they can react immediately. Have you came across such behavior from animals when it helped the human beings in respect of their hard work and giving the helping hand?
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    Pet animals are very loyal to their masters. That too dogs are very loyal. It will never ditch the person who is giving food and shelter to it.
    I remember a story which we were taught in our school. Oneday a person goes out leaving his small kid in the house. He was having a mongoose as a pet in his house. He asked the mongoose to take care of his child. After some time a snake came inside the house. The mongoose seen the snake and had a fight with it and killed the snake. The mongoose is very happy. Meanwhile, the person came back. The mongoose went in front of him. Its mouth is full of blood and the person thought that the mongoose killed its kid. He got angry and killed the mongoose and went inside and understood and felt sorry for his haste. But he can't bring back the mongoose. This story very nicely shows the behaviour differences between a human being and an animal.

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    The author is right. I read a news in paper that An old man died in North India. His pet dog run behind the dead body till the grave yard when the body removed. But was not taking any food for three days and on fourth day, the pet dog went to its master's cemetery and died. Really it is a touchy thing.

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    Especially the dogs are very near to the likes of master and they understand fully.
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    The brain of the animals is not developed as much as that of the human beings but animals also have got some level of intelligence and consciousness in them. They also understand certain signs and indications and follow them as per the training imparted to them by us. It is surprising to note that pets can be trained to quite a good degree by their owners or by animal trainers and they perform the directions and commands given to them accordingly. I had a cat which used to go to the roof in search of birds and other such animals there and whenever it saw me it made sound to attract me and was asking to get it off the roof because the way of coming back from the roof was a bit tedious than that if going up. So, I placed a chair high in my verandah and it jumped on it and I put it down. The cat was habitual of this but many people were surprised to see this scene. Animals learn by practice. But their coverage is limited to certain things only.
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    Though in terms of thinking and intelligence, human beings are bestowed upon exceptional gifts from the God but the animals, too, have their consciousness and have the thinking capacities. Of all the animals, dogs and monkeys are somewhat superior from the rest of the animals but it does not mean others don't realise the pain of their masters. Take the example of the horse, if his master is no more and the same has been noticed by him, it will end its life without taking its food or adopting some other means. They are faithful, loyal and obedient to their masters. They become experienced with the progression of their ages. However, God has given them some sort of exception sense to identify the situations with their smelling skills and other traits. We can train them to enhance their capabilities with some training. Dogs are trained in by the police personnels to make them effective in nabbing the criminals with their continuous training and they apply all the inputs learned in the training process.

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