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    Enjoyment pleasures should not be at the risk of life

    It was really painful to read the news that four youth belonging to same family was drowned and died. The gone for a worship trip and their thoughts were on enjoyment and ultimate result was their death and just imagine what would be the state of mind of parents who lost all the four youth. Modern day youth are giving more priorities to their enjoyment spree at the cost of even risking their life and all these happens without the knowledge of the parents who are waiting at the home. This is really tragic thing to happen as all of them grown up enough to look after their parents.
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    That is correct. These days young people are not conscious enough about safety and security. They always like to enjoy life. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life but one should remember that when life is there only we can enjoy it. Where is the enjoyment if you are not alive?
    The other day I was going out for some work. Two youth were going on their motorcycle. The road was very good and traffic was not there much. There were riding the motorcycle very carelessly. They were going very fast and had no helmets. While taking a turn also did not slow down and they did not notice the vehicle coming in the opposite direction. Both were very thrown to the roadside and were shifted to the hospital immediately. This type of incident is on increase purely due to carelessness only.
    The parents should also be cautious and explain to the children the problems that are to be faced in case of negligence. One should be always careful about accidents when we are taking risks.

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    Why the youth never realize that they are being eagerly awaited at the home.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Enjoying life does not allow you to take a risk with your life, people should understand that their life is not just for them but there are many people who connected with them and others life too disturbed when lost their loved ones. This is really a sad incident where a parent loses their four youth. I too agree some young people never think about it and living their life with careless activities, such activities those they think to cool actually harming them in many ways and there is an extend of it when someone loses his life.

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    Young age is the age of adventures. There are many young people who take too much risk and attempt newer and newer adventure games or adventure trips to the extreme locations and hazardous situations. If we tell them not to do so or not to take such type of risks then they will simply laugh and run away. If we insist them not to go out they will start telling that mountaineering, hiking, swimming etc are basic things that every person should learn so that one will not cut a sorry figure in one's life later. Many young people are very adamant in this respect and will not listen to any logic from our side.
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