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    Bollywood and drugs nexus

    Time and again we are confronting with the news of Bollywood big wigs involving in drug nexus and the law is taking action on them. The actors must realize that their one bad overtures in drug menace would shake the entire Bollywood because it is the interwoven Industry and everyone has the contacts of others on one pretext or the other. But for the law they are going by evidence and taking action on those who are even abetting the drug abuse. The big iconic actors must ponder over on this issue and control their children to behave.
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    It is not nexus between Bollywood and the drug mafia. Some of the cinema actors are habituated to drugs. They have money and spend it on many things including drugs. Taking drugs is a crime but their hard work on the cinema sets makes them relax with these drugs. The hard-working labor is also addicted to liquor because of the hard manual work they do.
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    It is well known that there are many people in our country who take drugs regularly. There is a big drug Mafia working through international and national borders. There is a lot of money also in this illegal trafficking of drugs. Those who are habitual of taking drugs will get them at any cost even if they have to go illegal ways and take risks of getting caught by police. There are some celebrities and influential persons in India who are also connected to these drug traffickers for getting drugs for themselves or their friends. Some of them take these drugs in a get-together or party arranged in an isolated place far form the police and administration reach. It is not that police and administration doesn't know about these things. Because some people or their children at high positions are involved in this so the police also think twice before catching them in action.
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    Are you sure it's a nexus? I don't think so because in that case, the authorities could have booked the industry or a large section of people involved in the industry without singling out one or two persons. The media must restrain themselves from overdoing things. Law enforcement agencies found some evidence and detained some people based on that and the media must stick to it only. I am unable to understand this unnecessary hype as with many previous cases too. Rather than focusing on the profile of the persons detained, they should focus on the strictness in the implementation of laws. In many cases, it is found that rich and influential people get away with serious crimes because of their connections. If that cannot be prevented then such hypes are of no use except diverting the attention of people from other important issues.

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    I agree with Sankalan. While one does not condone the consumption of drugs, one should not believe everything that the media sensationalizes, and why doesn't the media discuss the steps that can be taken to stop the widespread trade in drugs or the not-so-strict laws.

    What's more, why is it that it is assumed that drugs are consumed only at a party? Why is it also that only people from Bollywood are targeted? I have no sympathy for those caught, but are they being too closely watched (stalked) and deliberate traps are set to bait them while those in other fields are not considered at all? Do you think that drugs are not consumed in, say, the office of a private firm or on a college excursion, or at a mall cafeteria?

    If one wants to catch the nexus, go all out and find other points of contact as well, not in the film industry alone.

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    Addiction is playing an important role. As mentioned by some members, after working hard people want to relax and for that, they use wine and drugs as a way. That is why we will not find any actor who will never consume alcohol. For them, it is an essential item. These people are rich and hence they will drink and consume in their house and sleep there. But poor people who work hard in the field will go for government liquor and sleep on the roads.
    These days drugs usage is increasing. This is mainly due to the tensions and problems these people are having. To forget those problems and tensions they will start taking drugs and they will get addicted to those items. We need not say that there is a connection between the industry and the drugs. Maybe some people may be using them. Let us wait for the outcome. An investigation is going on and we will get the actual news shortly.

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    Now that the investigating authorities have enough evidences on many this time the action would be huge.
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    The concerned authorities would have conducted the raid as per some lead from some sources. They have prima facie reason and evidence to proceed with the procedures in the situation. As one of the youths involved in the party and suspected in the matter is a celebrity son the media, naturally, will be interested to sensationalise it. People also will be interested in the matter for the same reason.

    As in any case, there will be various opinions from people as per their bias in whatever basis it is.

    So we have to wait till the noise and flashlight settle and the case is taken in its proper legal course. Let the authorities be allowed to carry on the investigation without any bias or influence. If the boy is innocent, let him be freed and cleared of the allegations. But the real guilty should be punished under law.

    But it is high time that we people should be aware of the dangers lurking around in the form of drugs and drug menace.

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