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    Getting such an opportunity and given a choice what would you do?

    There are many developed and advanced countries where people from the developing countries go for jobs and for making a career and in many cases they settle there itself because of their good financial condition and low population and high demand of working people in that particular country. Everyone doesn't settle there and there are many who come back to their motherland. Everyone has a different perception about it and accordingly the person decides for settling abroad or coming back to the own country.
    Suppose you get an opportunity to go abroad and get a good job also and are given a choice to settle there itself or come back to your own country then what will you be choosing out of two?
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    I tell you what is our experience in our house. My brother went to the US as he was asked to go by his employer. He was supposed to be there for three years. But after staying there for three months he was not happy and he wanted to come back at the earliest. He put up a request and came back to India in 6 months of time. Because of that, he lost almost 20 lakhs per annum of his income.
    My son went to the US as he was deputed there. He has gone there for a 9 months assignment. But the employer wanted to extend the deputation. But my son refused and came back immediately after completing the 9 months period. He lost a chance of a promotion due to this. The same is the case with my sister's son.
    So in our family, none of us is ready to go and settle in foreign countries. We want to come back and settle in India only and we are happy with the money we are getting here.

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    I have already posted one thread on the subject that there are people who have gone for studies, settled there, and even brought their own house and wont return to India. If they are firm in their decisions and also have the blessings of the parents, that was the right decision to settle in other country. But they should totally forget the attachment and involvement with the family member and subject themselves only to video calling and nothing else. They would not visit the country for good or bad reason fearing huge traveling fare and other expenses. If the job is good and has the future prospects, then take the parents also so that the living would be modern and the parents would feel much happy for that kind of gesture. But invariably I have seen parents are feeling the ultimate pain by parting ways from the children who settled in abroad.
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    We would not like to change our ways being enjoyed by us in India. We have a lot of cases where the sons and daughters have secured lucrative assignments in UK or USA but despite their lucrative earnings in they would not like to remain over there and once the period is over, they would prefer to come back without having lust for the comfortable payments being earned in the foreign countries. The situation might be different for the IT employees working in USA or UK where their employers are ready to offer these employees for better hikes for their performance and in that situation, they would stay over there with their own parents so that they are not deprived of the parental affection.

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    Although there have been many discussions on this subject before, this time a question has been asked by the author to other writers that if we get such an opportunity, then what will be our reaction. So it is true that going abroad is a good opportunity and no one will miss this opportunity because a good financial position can be found but as far as settling is concerned then according to me there are few people who want to do so. If I am being asked, my only answer will be that no, I will never settle abroad. I give more value to a peaceful and happy life that I will get only with my own people or my country people.

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    Before making a final decision, one has to evaluate the pros and cons. The offer of a job abroad and to stay there permanently may seem lucrative and at the same time, one has to find out whether the place suits her/him or not. A good example is given here by Dr Rao where he mentioned his brother's refusal to stay in the USA for a longer period. It is understood that he didn't like the place and that's why preferred to return. If you do not like the place of your stay even if the job provides a lucrative package then I am sure you will look for an opportunity to return to your country. I do not have any such preference for staying in my country because I like the idea of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' which implies the world is one family. If I get an opportunity to settle abroad and like the place of stay then I don't think I will refuse it.

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