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    Article writing contest: comparison of colleges for a specific course

    With our move towards the new niche on academics, the admin. invites articles on the topic of 'Compare X college and Y college for Z course'.

    What you have to do: Submit articles on the given topic in Resources>>Educational Institutions. You may submit as many articles as you wish (do not block a topic in advance) and submit the list of all in a single response to this thread, with clickable links to the articles.

    The article should compare two or more colleges that offer the same course, highlighting what are the unique aspects of the course that each college is offering. It should help students to decide on which college to opt for, for that particular course. You may give some appropriate variations in the title, such as 'Why X college is the best to study Z course' or any other title, but the article should bring out the comparison of that college to one or even more other colleges offering the same course. Since some colleges have very lengthy names, you can put the well-known acronym in the title, and mention the full name in the summary. Including a city or State is also fine, but avoid too long a title, keeping it within 10 words.

    Sample topics-
    Comparison between ABC and DCB for Biotechnology courses
    TRF Vs CBT Vs VZ for Fashion Designing PG course
    Why BGL is the best college to study B.Pharm.
    Compare the 3 best colleges in Delhi for B.Ed.

    1. Every article should mention in the title the college name(s) and the course.
    2. Every article must have relevant internal links to the college page/university page/course/any relevant page to ISC.
    3. An article should be a minimum of 500 words, and informative in content that clearly brings out the comparison. Put relevant headings wherever required.

    Cash awards: The best articles (maximum two) will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.250/-. Other articles will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.100/-, and a second prize of Rs.200/- may also be awarded as per the quality of the articles.

    Closing date: 16th October 2021.

    Note- The article should clearly bring out the comparison. You can point out, for example, how one college has some kind of lab or workshop for hands-on training that is not in the other or provides better research opportunities but you should not focus only on that. As mentioned earlier, you should also bring out unique modules of the course. Look up the feedback of alumni, reviews, etc. to make your article stand out.
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    After a week, not a single entry. I got a brilliant idea. Each time I announce article contests, I will myself participate, and then award myself all the prizes.
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    My submission

    Why Goenka College is best to study B.Com(Hons) in Kolkata

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    My article for Comparison of Colleges is given below

    Compare Colleges in Kerala

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    My article submission for this contest is given below.
    A comparison between AUCE(A) and JNTUKCE(A), Andhra Pradesh for Engineering courses

    always confident

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    My articles for the contest:

    Deciding between IMS,NIIS and BJB for MA-PMIR in Bhubaneswar

    Comparing DSBM and CUTM for BBA in Bhubaneswar

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    My article for Comparison of Colleges Contest:

    Gurukula Kangri Vs Graphic Era for Engineering UG Courses

    Comparison between KLDAV & BSM Colleges, Roorkee for B.Ed Courses

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    My entry for this contest is as below -
    Which one is a better college SJC or KGC for B.Sc. course in Bangalore.

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    Here is my article: Comparison between anna university and Srm university for Btech courses

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