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    Change yourself for good and do not wait for chance

    When we have interaction with people regarding they should change or adapt to the situation, they would say let the chance come and they would do so. The changes in life must be according to the day, time and situation and that do not give us any chance. Those who have adapted themselves to the new frame of life have been hugely benefited and the transition also was smooth. And those who have delayed or began to think that they missed the change, it happened due to their foolish attitude of not acceding to the demand of the time.
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    That is true. One must change according to the situation. You can't live these as you lived in the 1960s or 70s. There is a change in every aspect of our lives. Earlier we were using land phones but now everybody is having smartphones. Many changes may come in the conditions of our living also. There may be change in our financial status also. If we are not changing as the situation demands we may not be successful and we may not compete with the people around us.
    But one thing we all should keep in mind is that we should not compromise on values and ethics while affecting the changes.

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    When we think of change that should be instant and not to be postponed for any reason,
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    We must be ready to accept the present situation and the latest trends are to be accepted. Our attitudes that we will change ourselves whenever situations warrant is not a positive sign. Though we have taken steps time to time to adapt ourselves with the new regime such as acceptance of smartphones in lieu of landline phones, changing the radio sets with the TV for entertainment purpose. We used to write with the ink pens of several brands such as Pilot, Plato and Writer etc and now that era is gone and now we are accustomed to gel pens for our smooth writing. Changes take place with the time and we can accept the latest ones if the same is convenient to us.

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    Definitely, we should adopt the changes as per the situation. Tenderness always wins in hardness and softness. Tenderness refers to how flexible we keep ourselves in adapting to changes. There are many rules or principle have been followed by the people and sometimes they do not want to compromise with them but still if the situation changes and we need to change ourselves we may change our principles too if they are not harming others. Some people thought by changing themselves they are bowing in front of others when it is not so. by adopting changes you doing so for your own benefit.

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    Human nature is very strange. It always tries to go through an easier path. Most of the people will have resistance for any change whether it is coming on them from the external sources or they have to do it themselves. It is said that a person who can change his ways with the changing times and circumstances emerge a winner in the long run. Others who were waiting for the favourable circumstances and believing in their fate and destiny will remain where they were. In today's dynamic and competitive world there is a need to change oneself not once but many times. One should be mentally prepared for that if one wants to reap the benefits of changing with the new circumstances. Not only individuals but the business houses, companies, and various organisations have to change with changing times.
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    If you wish to change yourself, change now and don't wait for the opportune time. This is true for every action. If we keep things pending thinking that we will do it later or at the right time then in many cases, it is found that the time becomes elusive. The important thing is to realize one has to change and act accordingly. While things are changing at random, people need to change themselves according to the situation and at the same time, the character should not be like water that has no colour or odour or can take any shape. One must have principles and discipline but the ways of dealing with things should change according to the situation and place.

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