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    Keep your self-esteem a little high.

    We all have an urge for self-respect, although self-respect means respecting ourselves, mostly it is meant only by respect from others. It is also okay that we have respect for ourselves and want respect from others too, no person likes Insult. But it is more important that you protect your honor in the right way. Some people take every little thing as bad and take it to heart and start making a direct connection with their self-esteem, this is wrong. Every person has different views and ways of living life, in such a situation it is natural to have different views. Your self-esteem should not be so low that even if someone does not agree with you or negates you, then you start adding that too with your self-esteem.
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    Give respect and take respect. This is a very well known phrase. When we want respect we have to respect others. You want to keep your self-esteem high, In the same way, others also want to keep their self-esteem high. Nobody should give you respect and you have to get it by properly upkeeping your behaviour.
    There are many ways to keep up our self-respect. Try doing your best always. Don't try to run away from your responsibility. Don't worry too much about the mistakes you did. But you should not repeat the same mistake again and again.
    Never think what other people think about you. At the same time don't worry about what others are doing and never judge their actions. Never underestimate your abilities. You have to think about your strengths also. Then your self-esteem will be always a little high. But always understand the difference between self-esteem and proudness and be careful that your self-esteem will not become proud.

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    We expect others to respect us and at the same time should respect others too. Believing in your abilities is important as it will help you to be confident. If someone doubts her/his abilities the person will not be happy with her/himself and will always think of what others are thinking about them. This will never help a person to grow and a feeling of insecurity in the crowd may step in. To avoid this, one has to act according to the potential and need to find ways to utilize their full potential.

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    When our behavior is right and we tend to give respect to others, we do get reciprocal action from the other side also. Asserting our right to live with self respect is the everyone try. But sometimes our expectations are more even from the wrong persons or the enemies and that is too much asking. But in this regard I wish to share a real observation I have seen at a friends home. That the elders are addressing their grand children with so much respect and that baffled me. We normally call the children by nick name and even some shorter names to which they respond. But what that elders told me, give respect to even the children, and they try to reciprocate others with good respect and that trait would continue for the future and I really thanked them for inculcating such a good habit in the early days of kids who are growing.
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    It is true that we have to keep our self esteem high. But it does not come to us automatically. To attain this objective we must behave in a balance manner, should have patience in our character, and understand things and take caution in speaking before we respond to the things which other people have told. In nutshell we have to manage our personality in such a way that it is able to contain that high self esteem. People sometimes cannot differentiate between self high esteem and feeling so proud. They are totally different things and should be kept separately. A person having high self esteem will not be having any proud attached to it and in fact, he will be very humble and soft spoken and he will be talking with his mind and not in any irrational way. For inculcating high esteem in us we have to take these measures.
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