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    If we believe in God, we should not do wrong things

    God is considered as an almighty entity and is believed to be present everywhere in the universe controlling and monitoring actions of all the life or dead things present in its Kingdom. He is observing us and our actions all the times.
    Many people believe in the existence of God and worship Him wholeheartedly. That is a very good thing because it keeps a person on the right track and happy and contented in his life because he has the support of God all the time. God is synonym of goodness and by doing good things only we can please him. Still, there are some people who believe in God and worship Him but they indulge in wrong practices and are doing evil deeds. If they really believe in God they should not indulge in wrong practices. It is contradictory behaviour they are showcasing to others. Why some people do like that?
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    That is true. One should not do any wrongdoings if they really have a belief in God. But many people feel that after doing wrong things if they pray to God, they will be excused. But it is not true. We have to enjoy the benefits of our doings either in this life or in the lives of the coming. In the same way, we have to suffer the punishments also if we do bad things.
    People say there is a heaven and people who are good and never did any bad things will go to heaven and enjoy life there. People who did bad things will go to hell and experience all the punishments. But some people say there are no separate hell or heaven. This earth itself will be heaven for the people who did good things and hell for the people who perform evil deeds.

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    Having faith in God and following a particular faith is different and doing things whether in right or wrong manner is different. We invoke God for the kind intervention in day to day life if we see challenged situation and if we cannot find ways and means we may indulge in wrong things to achieve the success. For example most of the government jobs are grabbed through the customary exams and the interview and there cannot be short cuts. But some people who know the weakness of the aspirants in this regard make convincing approaches that they can influence the authorities thought the ruling party MLA or MP's and seek heavy amount for that. And intelligent are those who do not fall prey else the money given would be waste. So here God does not play any role and it is the mischief mind that plays truant to grab anything.
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    Very good threat posted by the author. You have to believe in God because after all, he has a certain place. Many believe in him, many call him when he is in danger. Swami Vivekananda saw the existence of God in all living beings. So Swamiji said that the one who loves the living is serving God. In my opinion, there is no alternative to the fact that serving the needy which is spreading in society in a different form is a big religion. Because God lives in the midst of every living thing. There are many living things in society, not everyone is equal, or the ability to understand may not be right. After believing the fact that God loves everyone equally, only then will they learn to live well for others. Those who do wrong with others do not really believe in God or love God.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    The author is absolutely correct. God is a belief created by man or this creation has been created by God. Whatever is true in both but it establishes a connection between man and God and this connection helps us to increase our confidence and motivations especially in tough times. Whether God is there or not but we all know that we also have some values and morals and when we do something that is against those values we do not allow ourselves to do anything that is wrong as per humanity. Evil or bad deeds never help anyone to live a peaceful life.

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    That is true. We normally do not do abnormal things even before our children in the house. Similar to this we should have moral thought or fear of God whenever we do wrong things by feeling that he is watching. Simple thing, we are standing on our balcony and casually seeing the road and people, they do not know that you are watching or seeing them unless they look up. Similar to that we should have a thought that God is watching.

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    Traditionally in our family we are taught and told about' paapa and punya' and other values. That is to make us aware and make us do good deeds and teach us not to commit bad deeds.
    We are taught not to fear God, but to fear our own bad karma. We are all evaluated and dealt with based on our Karma. If we do good deeds we get good results.For bad deed we get bad effects. That is Bharateeya philosophical religious system of 'Karmaphala'.

    So it is our own judgement which is unbiased and known as "Mana saakshi" or in a general way as conscience, which we have to be aware and fear about. Manasaakshi is the ever vigilant witness of our own inner mind. This proves that God is not external but is resident in our own inside. And we fel it easy to say as fear of God. God is not fear, but of love and benevolence.

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    The author has said, and it is generally believed, that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and He controls the entire universe. I would, just for argument sake, like to ask you that if it is God that is monitoring all the actions of human beings, can't we take it that the wrongdoings by us are also as per the will of the Almighty? Why do we perceive that God permits only good deeds? As it is said, there can be no light without darkness or white without black, can't we say that there can be no good without evil? If we are to actually believe that nothing that is not decided by God will happen, then we should also believe that evils are also a creation of God only to help mankind and other living beings with senses to realise the importance of being good and engaging ourselves in deeds that are more closer to God. What do you feel about this take on the topic?
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    Saji has given us some points to ponder. This is definitely a tough subject and requires more and more discussions and clarifying our perceptions about these things. I would only say that in our culture we had been taught that God will punish those who are evil. With that in the back of our mind we must refrain from evil deeds.
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