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    Learn to find the good even in the bad.

    The world is huge and in this big world we find both good and bad, and on this basis, our likes and dislikes are also formed. Whatever we like is always good for us and thus we ourselves decide the definition of good and bad.

    If we look around us, we will find such people who search for evil even in good, in fact, such people are always more focused on negative tendencies. But we should live life, on the contrary, that is, we should find the good in the bad.

    When we have some bad people or a bad environment around us it means that we are not liking that environment or it is not good according to our nature. But when we start looking for the good by giving ourselves some time, then even when we are surrounded by many evils, we will find the good in that environment or person.

    Life is very short and if we focus more on the good than the bad, it will prove beneficial for us.
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    For finding good in the bad, we must have huge mentality to adjust with the situation and unfortunately many of us are guided by the likes of others towards us and our thinking process is put on back burner. Choosing the best among the friends would matter a lot for us. If we move with the right thinking people, many of our thoughts would sync with their behavior and overtures, but we make mistake and decide the friendship on one single positive note and decide that so and so person is good. But he poses the challenge as some have the tendency to behave good for the time and then turn hostile and this kind of people give us the bad name and when we try to distance with them, they try to frame bad about our behavior with others. So in future we have to be very careful with whom we are behaving and that should be duly probed.
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    There are different types of people in this world. Some are optimistic while others are pessimistic. Optimistic people generally see the brighter side of the world and they are very positive in their approach and will have a tendency to reject the bad and accept the good things. They have got great power and intelligence to separate good from the bad or in common language we can say that they can filter the good from the bad. In this world, there is nothing like absolute bad or absolute good. Everything will be a mixture of these and we have to use our judgement properly and judiciously to understand what is good and what is bad.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We should not be perturbed by the negative remarks of the people. It might be due to the adverse situation that we are facing such a personality. We need to be restrained and should not be influenced with his derogatory remarks. It would be enough for all of us that it is his version and not necessarily is the representation of real assessment. In our life, we would come to lot of personalities having diverse thinking. In case, we try to convince him to change his ways of bad comments, we will endanger ourselves with the further deterioration of the situation. He would not change but you will get severe pain for our indulgence. The best recourse is to forget the bad comments. We will certainly get time to put our own feelings with the different sets of good people later on.

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    A good suggestion from the author. A person who is having an optimistic outlook only can do that. When the activity of the other person is not useful to us or not by our views we may feel what the other person is not doing good. We are not here to judge the works of others as good or bad. Under what circumstances the other person did that is not known to us. What we feel bad about maybe good to the performer. There will be some people who always try to find mistakes in others. That is not a correct trait I feel.
    Try to understand why the other person behaved in a particular way. That will make you stop thinking negatively about others actions. It is very difficult to isolate good from bad or bad from the good.
    Be aware of yourself and you try to be away from doing the acts which you feel as bad. That will help you to improve your personality and you will become a more mature person.

    always confident

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    Yes, it's like looking at the brighter side. We clean things to remove the dirt to make them shiny because dirt covers the glow. The term good and bad are relative so what is bad to you may be good to me and vice versa. If our focus is on the brighter side it will help us to go ahead but if we constantly look the other way we will lose the spirit to think positively. You will not find a person with all the qualities you like and you call a person good because the majority of her/his traits conform to our choice. You dislike a person when the majority of the traits the person possess does not suit you. Now in that case also there are some traits, though much less in number, that you may like and if you focus on those traits rather than avoiding that person who knows the person can be reformed.

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    In my young age I used to get anger or irritation if the other person is not hearing my words. But later I made up my mind that to leave the matter untold by considering the matter needless to him or her.

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