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    Why do some people get irritable after waking up?

    Young children are often somewhat irritable after waking up, and in some cases have a special insistence that either they want their mother or something or some food item, etc. It is understandable in the case of children, but we also find such elder people around us who are very irritable after waking up and do not want to talk in a direct way. If you ask them for anything they may not reply or reply in an irritating way. Maybe, such people like to be alone for some time, due to which they get irritated. Is this behavior due to nature or can there be some science of energy behind it too? Share your experiences.
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    Yes, we can witness the unpredictable nature of some people and they would not like to share their feelings even and such an episode can be seen in the morning hours keeping mum for long hours. Any interruptions from our end would make them more irritable. On the other hand, members of the family would like to take every step to console them but such initiatives does not provide them relief either.
    The fact is that sharing the feelings can help them in lessening their worries with which they are bogged down. They should be taken into confidence by the family members to take away their negativities with normal talks. This will definitely help.

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    Everyone does not get irritated after getting up. There are people who have a lot of worry and generally get disturbed sleep and it is possible that these are the people who get irritated after waking up. Their mind remains attached to the worries even during the sleep and they get conscious of those things after waking up and start worrying. At the same time there are people who get a sound sleep and when they get up in the morning they feel fresh and are ready for morning walk, yoga, and other activities which keeps them happy and energetic. A good sleep is a God gift and the people who get a good sleep are generally cool and calm and there will not be any irritation in their character.
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    Sleeping is a necessary natural 'rest' time for the body to repair and refresh itself and prepare for another day of activity.
    After having a good sleep people will be fresh in mind and body. If someone does not feel refreshed and energetic after sleep, then it means that the person did not get sufficient sleep, his sleep was not full and deep,or he had a disturbed sleep. The causative factors for a deficient sleep can be many. The wear and tear of ageing affects not just work and activities, but sleep also. So aged people may no be getting sleep few hours continuously, but may have short periods of sleep and waking up. Sickness, tensions adverse weather etc also can affect sleep.
    When sleep is not deep and sufficient, such [people may get irritated as their mind and body will not be refreshed and will bear tiredness and lethargy. So they are vulnerable to changing emotions and tempers.

    Just as only a healthy body can do do hard work, only a person having healthy body and mind can have good sleep.

    Hence those those suffering from sleep impairment may have to get proper attention and have remedial measures. They should have proper physical activity and engage in proper mental relaxation and recreational activities. Yoga, mediation can be of help.

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    I have seen some people who never wanted to talk or see anybody immediately after getting up from bed. They may want to salute God or see their mother or wife and then only they want to see or talk to others. That may be their belief. So before that, if anybody wants to talk to them, they may feel irritated.
    Generally, we all feel relaxed after having a good sleep for a few hours. Their mind will be active and will be fresh and they will be enthusiastic. So they will plan their day and follow the planning. But if the sleep is not good and getting interrupted many times, they will have anxiety and they may have the nature of getting irritated immediate for sometime after getting up.
    a person who is healthy will have good sleep. If somebody is not getting proper sleep means there may be a health issue and it is better to consult a doctor.

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    Some people have sentiments during the wake up every morning. Either they would open their eyes by seeing their two palms and then keep it on the eyes to thank the God for giving hands and that would go a long way to achieve success all through the day. Some have the habit of waking and they would stand in front of the bedroom dressing table mirror so that instead of seeing other faces first, they want to see the self face and start the works. Normally waking up is the process after prolonged rest during which some good dreams are also possible and if the dreams were of early mornings there are every chances that such dreams comes true. And in that process if someone comes inside bedroom and disturb the sleep would be too much irritating and that would vent on others. For children they want mother presence for sure when the wake up.
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