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    More productivity in less time is the need of the hour.

    More work in less time does not mean playing with the quality of work but giving maximum production in less time by devoting oneself to the work with full concentration. If we just sit in front of the laptop for hours, then perhaps we will not prove to be as honest towards our work as we will be by working honestly in less time. A simple objective is that work should not be taken in such a way that we are sitting with only one task for the whole day, but we should also carry out our work, other responsibilities of life, joy, etc. in a day. That is, by increasing the dedication and concentration towards our work, if we can achieve more productivity in less time, then we must do so.
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    Author has made a very good suggestion as to upping the output of the person in less hour so that the productivity is more and the company or the organization would prosper and that would have cascading positive effect on the nation's economy and prospects also. But employees are ready to give their best output and what is the reciprocal gesture from the company or the organization. There must be clear cut policies from the top management as to what would be the additional benefit to woo the consistent and performing employees and it cannot treat with same yard stick between the average, good and superlative performing persons. If this is cleared in all companies then the out put would be sure for surge. Unfortunately those who really work hard has been put to pressure and that is too much expectations from the managements.
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    Increasing productivity is an issue which every individual or company has to consider and manage efficiently. Productivity cannot be increased just by doing more work for a longer time. It requires that quality work should be performed in minimal time. Humans have their own limitations and they cannot do everything so efficiently and so fast but when they take help of the machines especially the robotics and artificial intelligence then the job of humans becomes easier and ultimately efficiency comes in the picture. We are now in an age of automation and digital applications. Leveraging the technology to our advantage and using the latest techniques and methods in the digital world will not only increase efficiency but productivity would also be increased significantly. The industrial and business world is moving towards that ultimate goal.
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    The objective of any organisation is to raise the production within a given time schedule. The organisation runs in three shifts where the employees have to give their best shows in the achievements of targeted production of the shits. However, the trends being followed by some of employees are detrimental to production schedule. Out of 40 employees, you may find at least ten looking for the time when the boss will approach in the shop floor. They will pass on some wrong feedback to their boss by poising his ear. They may not contribute to the augmentation of the production but the are treated as the star performers trailing behind the sincere workers. They are the best contributors but unfortunately they are rated as low performers. Performance assessment of the individual employees is to be seen closely by the management before it rewards to handful employees.

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    More productivity without compromising on the quality aspect is the requirement. These days all the organisations are concentrating on production od quality goods to the maximum extent possible. The organisations are trying to implement maximum automation and quality certifications so that their units will give maximum output. Depending on humans is being reduced and more and more automation is being brought in so that they will get a reliable product. There are many novel methods are being brought in, to see that the output will not reduce.
    The aim of the organisations should be to reduce rejection so that automatically production will increase. Six Sigma concept is being introduced by many organisations to reduce rejections. That will help the organisation in improving their productivity.

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