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    How many 24*7 news channels do we need?

    Have you ever given it a thought? I know many of you have a favourite news channel and think that channel telecast the correct news and also give a balanced coverage which is always appreciable but do you remain hooked on to that channel throughout the day? There are many services that require 24*7 attention, like the internet connectivity which is helping you to read this post now, but do we need information all the time day in and day out without any break? There are many other channels that telecast various programs which help us to choose our favourite ones but when it comes to the news it is always repetitive and nothing special. Each movie channel is showing you a different movie but in the case of news, just the same one is repeated again and again in the name of breaking news. Many new news channels are coming up also knowing they will somehow motivate people with their coverage but are we really motivated by so many channels? When it is a repetition, two to three channels is sufficient. Instead of that, we have plenty of them. Do more numbers of 24*7 news channels help to spread information faster or they are just there for running the show? I am sure you are aware of the quality of news provided by many of these channels and if I say 'too many cooks spoil the broth' in the process of providing the information will it be wrong?
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    Good question posed by the author as to how many 24 hours channel do we need? It is the prerogative of those who are rich and connected to any political party to start a channel and give feeds only of that party irrespective of they doing good or bad. As far as I know only Doordarshan is giving unbiased coverage of news and it also covers the general and important happenings other than what the private channels show. Most of the national and regional channels are favoring one party or the other and their news feeds show clearly that even the good things happening around makes them blind. If any channel becomes popular, the political parties would pay huge money through sponsored interviews and thus they are in control of the channel not to show the overtures of the other parties and thus news reporting got highly polluted.
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    For me, I think no 24X 7 news channel is required. The normal channels also will telecast news twice or thrice a day. DD is giving news almost all the time. In such situations why do we require a separate news channel? These days many newspapers are having their own e-versions and also having their digital sites where we can see up to date information and we will get fresh news there always.
    I think the author is very much getting irritated with these news channels which are really testing the patience of the people. I think we should not switch on these channels. That is the best course of action we can take. These channels also
    I see very rarely TV and in our house, none of the members will switch on the TV and we never go for these news channels. We will see these channels only when there is any special event like election results only.

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