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    A new beginning in life can be made at any time.

    Some people seem to be caught in strange confusion in their life and do not even want to remove themselves from that trap. They will often say that we are stuck, we have made some mistakes and we have wasted a lot of our time, due to some wrong decisions, they feel that now their life has become worse, and now this life is just passing aimlessly.

    We do not know what form we are going to get in the next life, also we do not know whether there is any truth like a rebirth or not, so it is certain that the life we ??have today is our truth and we will never get a life again. When we know that there is no certainty of getting a life again, then whatever we have to do, we have to do in this life.

    Mistakes or wrong decisions are part of the life of everyone, even if you realize this at any age, but you can still start a new life whenever you want. We can start afresh in every stage of life, instead of blaming ourselves and regretting, start afresh with a new outline in the right direction and prove life successful so that we do not have any regrets in the last days of life.
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    When we are working in our lives and taking decisions then it is natural that some times there will be some failures also. It is part of the game only. We should not be discouraged by this failures. These are the building blocks of our experience. From each and every failure we learn something new. That is the time for making a fresh attempt for the same work or some new work. There is no point in weeping on the spoilt milk. We have to prepare ourselves for new task and new journey ahead. That is how the challenges of lives are to be addressed.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is correct that there should not be repentance for our mistakes stretching the same unnecessarily for long. In that we might loose a lot of opportunities coming in our ways. While undertaking a lot of jobs, there might be a drop of concentration at some point while doing a job but the same has not to be taken so seriously that our upcoming assignments are affected. We should rather adopt a calm manner thinking the ways how we can complete the same successfully. Thinking too much regarding the unsuccessful attempts of the past job is not likely to yield any positive outcome.

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    No doubt about that. We resigning from a job and joining a new job. That means we are making a new beginning. Similarly, we will be doing some tasks which may not be successful or may go in a different way than expected. We should not worry or we should not stop doing that. We should restart or start afresh and redo as if we are doing a new task. That will lead you to success.
    Another point is if we go wrong in an assignment, we need not think that we are a failure in our life. There are many other things which we have to do or which we can do. Let us go for those works and success will be surely yours.
    Some people say that every day is a new day in our lives and we need not worry about the failures yesterday. Use the lessons that you have learned yesterday and live in the present and go on doing your jobs.

    always confident

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    The people perception matters as regards to their decision and one must remember that the world is not going to end today and we have many opportunities and many ways to live and get going. Getting struck in the problem is the natural happening to which we do not have the control nor we have envisaged such setback. And having confronted it, the next step must be to get out of situation. For example if a death occurs in a house suddenly, all would be grieving and that is the must reaction. But there must be someone who should foresee other things to happen , otherwise the situation would turn bad to worse and everyone need to understand that the next work is important so that the struck up is cleared. That is why in any house one strong man should be there to whom everyone follows the advise and orders for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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