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    Choosing the right job consultancy is also an essential decision.

    To get a government job, it is only necessary to study hard work and dedication, but when we talk about private jobs, we have to see many options. Some companies conduct direct interviews through walk-in, while some through or other means. One such great medium has been job consultancy for many years, which has proved to be a boon for many unemployed. These days the situation in job consultancy is also a bit messy. Some really get jobs, but there are some job consultancies that also charge some fees to get jobs for the unemployed and play with their trust by conducting fake interviews. Job consultancy is a good medium but you need to be careful in its selection.
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    There are many fake agencies that will deceive the people and try to collect money. A good agency will never ask you for money for registration. If you are getting selected for a post through the agency, the employer will pay the agency some money as per the terms and conditions they discussed. So the agency should not ask the candidate for any money. But because of the increasing unemployment, some agencies may ask for some money only after getting selected to a post.
    But some fake companies contact the unemployed by seeing their bio-data in some other job portals. They will try to get some money from these unemployed youth in the form of registration charges. They will say that there is a vacancy suitable for you. We should not believe such people and pay any money to such agencies.
    One should be very careful in choosing a consulting agency for getting employment or going abroad for further studies. We hear many stories about the agencies which deceived people.

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    Here I would say to go for the reputed ones in the area and not to go by the lucrative advertisements put up in front of the new firms. The crisis of jobs is known to all and many are found duping candidates in the name of providing them with good jobs. Reading the terms and conditions carefully before registering with any consultancy firm is always important. Nowadays, almost all job consultancy firms have their websites and everyone should look into those websites to get some impression of the works they are doing. There are some important tips to know if a website is authentic or not and following the tips will be useful for a job seeker who is not so net-savvy. Calling the job consultancy and visiting their office is a must before associating with any of them. One has to be very alert while carrying out any kind of monetary transaction with a job consultancy firm.

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    What I feel that job consultancy firms are doing the routine business of routing the leads to us and not actually recommending the right jobs. First the unemployed and underemployed are approaching job consultancy firms and when the details are uploaded, then why again unconcerned job leads are routed to us which is nothing by washing their hands from the responsibilities. If the job consultancy firms are incompetent to offer the right job then they should express their inability. Some firms are even charging for just sending the leads. So instead of depending on the job recruiting firms. its better to approach the companies directly as these days every company has their own website and if we open the careers and append the application there, there are every chance of getting calls for interview with direct approach for sure.
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