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    There is less ventilation system in the houses.

    If we look at our ancestors' or village houses, some of which we still live in today. In those houses, a large courtyard in front of the house, in the back of a house, large windows in the rooms of the house, washroom outside or in the backside of the house, etc. Proper management of ventilation is still seen even today in these houses. But when we see that in cities, we find houses with small rooms, which neither have courtyards nor big balconies nor proper management of ventilation in rooms, not even washrooms, etc. One of the main reasons for this is the increasing population and migration of people to metro cities. But in this type of closed house, the person feels more upset and worried, or stressed. Openness and a proper movement of external and internal air are very essential for a healthy lifestyle.
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    As the population is increasing and more people are migrating to cities, there is a huge demand for land in these cities. Procuring a house in these cities is a very costly affair now. So people are constructing small houses in a small area and that is bringing the problem of ventilation etc.
    In the olden days, people in villages were having very big area of land and they were constructing very big houses utilising the land. My grandfather was having a house in a village the total area in which he constructed that house was about 800 Sq. yards. He sold it off and now there are four houses in that area and each house is constructed in 200 Sq yards.
    Due to the demand for houses only, the apartment culture has come in cities and now slowly this culture is coming in towns and villages also.

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    It is the fact that cross ventilation is always necessary for free flow of air and houses must be planned in that way. Our own ancestral house in Tamil Nadu were huge. Though it is made up of Madras tiles, there wound be open to sky in the middle surrounded by varrandah with wooden pillars and room right round we call it as Mitham. That means those who come from the outside should have to wash their feet and face and then enter the rooms. The forecourt and the back yards would be spacious to play and room for sitting and gardening. Such kind of arrangements cannot be thought in modern homes. And in those days the toilets were never inside the home and necessarily outside the house. For want of fresh air many homes in the concrete jungle cities need lights even in the day and thus we are confronted with the diseases.
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    While we look into the houses constructed in the villages, each house contains a large area consisting of multiple rooms for the accommodation of the entire members. Those units were meant for the comfortable stay of the members since there was free flow of air due to existence of the ventilation. Even the toilets were outside the rooms just to avoid the filthy smells emanating from the toilet. Such arrangements were within the compliance of health benefits from such arrangements. With the progress of time, there is scarcity of places especially in the cities and people shifting from villages to cities cannot have all such provisions being enjoyed earlier living in the villages. In absence of free passage of air inside the rooms, such arrangements make the system vulnerable to numerous health issues including life style diseases.

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    Nowadays in the idea of nuclear family system people living husband, wife and a child, moreover in the sense of privacy no staying visitors to them. so they need a small apartment house only. In that apartment house also they close entire windows and the main entrance door always found closed. In this situation how a free air and could be expected there.

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    Compared to the houses built earlier, nowadays the space is utilised in a different way. The concern is more on saving areas and people started living in residential complexes rather than building a home on land. Even then also things can be managed if there are enough windows in the flat but there are many who keep the windows closed for some reasons. One of the reasons may be dust and pollution and the level of pollution is quite high in cities compared to villages. Free flow of air inside the rooms is essential but nowadays people are more concerned to find a space to squeeze in rather than a spacious area for their overall comfort. The increase in population and the living cost forced people to adjust to many significant things.

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    In our modern urban setting of living there are two basic problems. One is the air pollution that is so conspicuously present in the urban environment especially near the industrial areas. Another is because of the the limited area of housing land available in urban areas, the houses are made multi storeyed and some of them are so congested that there is no place for sufficient ventilation as buildings are spaced very near to each other and sunlight and wind are practically obstructed by them.
    These unfavourable living conditions are creating a lot of health problems in the people who are living in congested areas.
    In the remote villages far from the industries and towns there is clean air and as houses are mostly single storey there is no congestion from that point of view. People living in those areas may not be having facilities and good financial condition but they are enjoying the clean air which is a big thing in today's environment.

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