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    Running away from home from poverty in search of personal pleasures

    Today I met a person and while talking about each one of us, he revealed that he was unable to trace his young son who ran away at the age of 13 and that happened 20 years back. Since he wrote a letter that he is running away as he no more likes living in poverty and wants to enjoy all personal pleasure and thus the parents need not trace him henceforth. That was very disturbing as it is always said that entering the teen age would go through the hormonal imbalance and the persons are confronted with various problems. But the agony and pain of parting always bothers the parents.
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    In this world, we see different types of people and they will have different mentalities. Some people will think of family and they struggle for the family. Some people think of their own pleasure. Some people will think not only about their family but also about society. This we observe many times in many places.
    In our native place, there was a man who was working in a government job. His father was about more than 65 years. But he was still earning and he was taking care of the family. Even though his father was old. this man never supported the family. He had many bad habits and made so many loans. Finally, his father has to sell his house and repay the loans. That old man struggled a lot in his old age. When we hear about such people we feel pity for them.
    My father used to tell me many times about the difficulties that the old man was facing in repaying the loans by his son.
    It is better to run away from home rather than making debts and asking the parents to repay those loans. Always we will not expect everybody to be good.

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    There are some flickering mind children who at the tender age of around 15 years leave their houses in search of good life and prosperity elsewhere. Though there are examples of some of them reaching Mumbai and then becoming a celebrity after struggling in the cine industry but such cases are very very rare maybe one out of millions of people who can boast of such an extraordinary achievement. All others, who leave their houses, work in some hotel for cleaning the utensils and serving the food or work as labourer in some construction site. The parent's worry is a natural thing because they are bothered for their children that they shall not land in a unfavourable situation.
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