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    When Lithium, Cobalt and Nickel running out of stock, E vehicles could be failure

    As the world is questing for e vehicles and in many countries e vehicles purchase gathered momentum the researchers are now worried about the possible outage of three main ingredients that goes into making of batteries namely the Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, are going to into run out of stock in a decade or so and when India is also contemplating to switch to e vehicles as there unabated rise in the price of fuel, there seems to be catch 22 situation and there need to be other alternatives to find out. What could be that ? Will there be down fall of petrol and diesel prices in future world wide ?
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    Lithium batteries are used in electric vehicles. That is true. Lithium is metal and as of now the stocks of lithium are more than the demand. So we need not worry for some more years. Still, there are many unexplored mines of lithium and the exploration will pick up momentum as there is an increase in demand. There is some raise in the price of lithium. The companies that are in the production are trying to gear up the processing capacity of this metal.
    Many companies are in the process of developing alternative varieties of batteries that will be used in place of these lithium batteries. There are in the advanced stage and any time we may see an alternative to this also. Even in India many industries and DRDO are in the process of developing new batteries for electronic vehicles and a breakthrough is expected shortly. I think there is no need to worry about the batteries for vehicles, as I see the present situation.

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    The crisis may be temporary because the process to take out such metals and the associated investment is of concern but not scarcity. The metals are supplied throughout the world from reserves and the cost of extracting the materials by following the strict environmental guidelines is quite high. So, if the reserve runs out the cost will be huge to replenish it. Scientists all over the world are trying to find out many ways to reduce the use of metals to manufacture batteries and with the advancement in technology, it is hoped that they will be able to find a solution. The option to recycle the batteries at a large scale will reduce the dependency on the reserve to some extent but here also the cost is a concern. All these issues may cause a temporary crisis of those metals and there will be price swings, initially. A solution has to be found keeping in mind the environment and also the cost.

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    Lithium batteries are used for their convenient options apart from its light characteristics fitting almost in accessories and it would even offer the entire assembly line compact. Of late, the lithium batteries have been popular for its trouble free service. We are not speculating of shortage of this material in the upcoming times. Though consumption of such batteries would rise with time but supply won't be affected due to its abundant availability.
    The scientists always remain on the look out of the innovative products so that consumption patterns of the consumable items are not dislocated.Hence we should not worry on that account.

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    Since the raw materials and supply would last only only for a decade, hence this apprehension.
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