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    Do you keep record of showing kindness to others ?

    During the course of day or even daily we indulge in reach out to others either giving some monitory help, or showing kind through personal attending of their work, or even helping out physically especially the old people. Though small gestures are common, but even that is recorded in their diary to prove that they are kind to others. But what is the use of this life without extending help to others when they need and for that there need not be photo session and maintaining of accounts to prove. Do you agree ?
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    It is said that do good and forget. But there are many people in this world who are helping others or doing good deeds only in presence of a camera and a photographer. They are mainly doing it for their name and fame and publicity.
    The real gentlemen and kind hearted people will not do like that. They will help the needy persons as per their capacity and will not advertise it. I have seen many gentle people who help others but do not talk about it. That is really a great characteristic of their character.
    Those who help others just for show off are not kind hearted. They must be having vested interests behind all those gestures.

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    No, it is not my tendency to tell others how much and to whom I have a donation. I do such a favour for the children moving in the streets half naked and begging for foods. Such situations disturb me and by offering some amount of cash gives me some sort of satisfaction. Though this problem will remain as such unless some drastic steps are taken from the different welfare organisations including the governmental efforts for their betterment. At least by donating a few pennies and if I could see the smiling face of such starved children what is the harm in sparing some money ? Making publicity of such offerings make me ashamed of such acts.

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    Why we should have a record. We need not show it to anybody or we need not explain to others what we are doing. Maybe some people who maintain accounts for their expenditure may have written there if they have given any monetary help to a person. But if we do some service or other help why should we have a list of such actions. I never wrote a diary. So I will not keep any record of actions anywhere.
    Anyhow, we all believe that there is a supernatural power that is controlling all of us and there will be a record of all our actions including good and bad also. As per our Hindu mythology. Chitragupta will be maintaining all the records and he will have a file of each human being and all our actions will be recorded there and based on that after our death we may get into hell or heaven.
    It is always better to maintain secrecy while we undertake such actions as helping others etc. We are not doing them for popularity and expecting something in return from anybody. So we need not maintain any record and make propaganda of the helps we did for others.

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    Why the record because we have to access ourselves at the end of the day as to what good has been done.
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    Well, then do you keep records of the bad deeds also if the purpose is solely to access the list of the things you did the whole day? If you are kind you will not show it to anybody that you are kind and your acts will automatically prove that you are a kind-hearted person. The topic and your response @744269 doesn't match. In the thread, you have said there is no need for a photo session or to maintain the records of such acts of kindness and in your counter-response, you said you need to access the records to find out the good deeds at the end of a day. Is it not contradictory? If you are habituated to maintain a diary with every minute detail of the day then there is no problem in keeping such records because it's a part of your habit. Otherwise, noting it down just because it's an act of kindness may prove that you are not kind enough in general.

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    If my heart is clean and kind towards others, doing something for any person in need is sufficient. Keeping the record of it means proving my intention to others. Why should I maintain the details of my good deeds when I want to forget my wrong actions? Trying to let people know about my good deed is ridiculous. It loses its sanctity. My immediate family might come to know, but it's better not to indulge in any propaganda of my charitable work, is my firm belief.

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    #744269, by saying that you need to keep a record to access yourself to understand what good has been done, you are implying that you do things without knowing whether they are good or bad. Do you realize that simply extending a heartening smile to an urchin on the street who is looking at you is also an act of kindness? Being kind does not require one to be of help to another. Kindness is not all about donations or charity. It need not be materialistic too. It can be a mere gesture also. Kindness is a characteristic that makes a person feel for another form of life, it need not necessarily be humans. It is generally inherent. We may, knowingly or unknowingly, do so many acts of kindness in our day to day life. The pleasant feeling we experience soon after that is enough to make you realize that you have just performed an act of kindness that has made someone feel happy that he has been cared for. Even an ant may feel grateful to you if you are kind enough not to trample on it when it crosses your path. So, unlike charity or donation, which, of course, has its roots in kindness, being kind to your co-beings is a quality that will give you satisfaction when experienced and is something that cannot be recorded.
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