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    Do you wear oversize garments ?

    There are people who want to make fashion statement through their dressing sense and it is very interesting to see each one has their own way of wearing outfits and that is the reason being so many evince interest if something new is found in choosing our garments, color, pattern and even the size. Now a days wearing over size garments has become fashion and that is really interesting that even the youth are taking to free size outfits and that does not match to their profession nor their personality. What is your observation ?
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    There was a time when people used to wear clothes fitting to their body and their personalities. Tailors were having tough time in stitching the desired dresses for the people irrespective of them being males or females. A person was judged at that time by the perfectly fitting dress he or she was wearing.
    Today this concept is now totally changed and there is nothing like perfectly fitting dress. The manufacturers are also happy to make over sized dresses which people wear without any hesitation and the problem of getting them fitted as per the size of the user is also not there.
    Another thing is that wearing a loose dress is always easy for people as you can just put it on and remove without much fuss.
    There was a time when wearing an unfitting dress was considered untidy. Today it is not untidy rather it is being considered as a fashion statement.

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    Days have now changed with the earlier ones when we attended the tailor's shop along with the dress materials for getting the dresses properly fitting the body. He used his tape for the measurements of different portions of the body to make the dresses exactly fitting. He could take a longer time to deliver since he remained preoccupied with different customers obliging them simultaneously. With the time, that trend has changed and we can have ready made dresses in the shopping complex exactly fitting our body contour and as such our visit to the tailor's shop has changed. Moreover the dress materials are certainly cheaper than to have the materials from a shop and get them stitched. They look gorgeous as as well.

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    The trends will be changing from time to time. What we feel as fashion today may become outdated tomorrow. A new wave will come and people will go after that. This we have seen many times.
    When I was in my university studies bellbottoms were very trendy. Youth used to go for long hair and bellbottom trousers. Some days we saw even very old people also wearing these costumes. Slowly that has been forgotten. Similarly, I remember wearing very tight trousers. It was a very difficult task to wear them and used to consume a lot of time in that activity itself.
    I feel wearing loose clothes will be comfortable for people. They will have free moments and their actual physique will not be disclosed to others. I feel wearing a lungi is always comfortable than wearing a trouser. I feel half hands shirts are more comfortable than full hands shirts. Nowadays many people are going for T-shirts. Many employees these days are happy wearing shorts as they are working from home and not going to offices.

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    We could find people with loose T shirts and shorts unmindful people roaming on the road.
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