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    Why cats have no prominence and worshipping in Hinduism?

    In Indian culture and who follow Hinduism , many animals, birds and various creatures are considered to be sacred and worshipped. For example, elephant, tortoise, dog, snake, lion crocodile, etc. But we don't find the common cat has no such importance and place in Hinduism. Actually, we think that seeing a cat early in the morning or as the cat comes in front of us while we are going out is considered to be a bad omen. But killing a cat considered to be very bad and one has to make an idol of gold cat and it has to be donated to a Brahmin to remove the curse. Is there any reason behind for not considering cat as a sacred animal and no importance in Hindu mythology? Do find this thing is very interesting and try to bring truth behind it.
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    There is a mention of the cats also in Hindu Mythology. We all know Kartikeya. Also known as Subhrahmanya Swamy. He married two devatas. Their names are Valli and Devasena. Devasens's mount is a black cat. I understand she will be worshipped in Bengal more and will be considered as Goddess of motherhood and womanhood. She is also considered a Goddess connected with fertility and child health. Even in the Telugu States also there is a practice of worshipping Valli, Devsana sametha Subhrahmanya Swamy for having kids.
    As mentioned by the author many will not consider Cat as a loyal animal. They will feel it is having deceptive nature. This thinking only might have created the belief that a cat is not a good omen. We will see cats in many houses even these days. Cats are good as they hunt rodents.

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    It is the fact that Hindus does not recognize the cat as the pet animal and those who does not care the sentiments may own it and nurture the same and we are not for their argument. But it is considered no importance because cat has main disadvantage of stealing the own masters house. That means even though the owner may give the best attention but the cats would not be obedient unlike dogs which wont enter the kitchen at all. Moreover cats fur considered to be inauspicious and cats have the habit of having intimate touch with the home members. For those who have cats as pet, they may like the cuddling and cute behavior of cats, but for culture the cats must be kept away from the home and considered as bad omen. And cats go for hunting outside even though the owner may provide enough food for it.
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    Despite the explanation provided by Dr Rao, Mohan has still chosen to go with his finding that Cats are not preferred as pets by Hindus. I am not sure how he has arrived at this conclusion because, as told by Dr Rao, many households keep cats as pets. Mohan, cats, like humans, that are nurtured and brought up well by their masters will never steal food.

    I don't have much idea about the prominence of cats in Hinduism but there are many cultures and places in the world where cats are revered and worshipped. And even otherwise, just because they may not be having a place in Hinduism, it does not affect their existence either as cats or cats as pets.

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    This is really an interesting thread initiated by the author. We don't see the place of cat in our scriptures or cultural books and reasons for that are not known precisely.
    One reason could be the availability of cats at that point of time. During the geological evolution of the Earth, there was a shift of the continents due to which the oceans change their places and many land masses remained isolated from each other. For example, in Australia there were no cats. They were brought from European countries for the specific reason of reducing the population of rabbits which was a big menace in Australia long time back.
    So, there are such factors also which could be the possible reasons for that.

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    If we search the availability of cats existing in our country in the ancient time, we could not trace its existence and this may be due to their non-availability of this species those days in our country. There is the mention of other creatures belonging to the animal kingdom but the cat is absent in the religious books. Australia was the first to have received cats from different countries to arrest the rabbit menace. In India, it might have come along with the Britishers since they were fond of cats and they might have carried the same while coming to India.

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    Umesh and Sheo Shankar, both of you have pointed out the absence of cats in our country during the olden days as a reason for this quadruplet not finding a mention in any of our scriptures and not being worshipped by Hindus. But Dr Rao has provided references to Hindu mythology wherein cats do find a place. So, there appears to be a contradiction. Could you all please clarify and explain the position?
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    The mention of cats was there in many Hindu Puranas. It is mentioned as a vehicle of the Goddess Shashti, who is also called Devasana the wife of Karthikeya and wherever there is a mention of Skanda or Karthikeya, the name of this Goddess will also appear. Goddess Shashti is more popular in north India and books which will describe the Goddess Shashti will also mention that the vehicle of this Goddess is Cat.
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