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    Those who resigned the jobs for obvious reasons are wanting to come back !

    The companies across the world in general and India in particular are now facing the peculiar problems of old employees who quit during the pandemic for obvious reasons are now seeking same jobs. But the companies have already made alternate arrangements and in fact new work force were doing their tasks at the lesser salary than previous employees were drawing and for companies they have to pay more for old employees rejoining again. Though it is easy to re-ask for employment, but for administrative reasons companies unable to decide.
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    The employees who resigned from the companies can apply to those companies again in which they were working earlier. But giving or not giving the job to the old employee is the choice of the organisation No one can demand. I know some cases where the company itself asking to come and join again their company and they are ready to pay more salary also. It all depends on the record of the old employee and his usefulness to the organisation. Some people resigned and went to their native places during the Lockdown. They tried jobs there but couldn't get one. So they are trying to come back. I have also seen some cases like this in my circle.
    The company will definitely see the usefulness of the employee before offering him reappointment. There is no compulsion on their part. That is why the employee should think carefully before making a decision about resignation. Resigning is easy but getting a job is difficult.

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    But I came across the fact that companies gone for alternate arrangements with new employees.
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    This is because the employees who resigned earlier are unable to find a suitable job or want to go back to the earlier location as they think now that would be the better option. If there is no requirement then organizations will not think of re-employing the person who left. Only if things are unmanageable then they can look for re-employing them. When an employee resigns from a job the company will look for an alternative that is quite natural and if they employ a suitable person in that place then they will not look for anyone at this moment. When there will be some requirement then I think the companies can think of their previous employees depending on their records. I don't think it's a problem for the companies since every company pays their employees based on the work they do and that work is related to the requirement of the company. If the requirement is not there they will not employ anyone.

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    During the pandemic many people lost their jobs not only in foreign countries but also in India. Companies are not committed to take those people back rather companies are happy with the new people who are working in less salary.
    In this situation if the old people go back to the company or apply there for a job then company will cut a sorry figure and at the most can accommodate them in some lower jobs.
    These people have no other option other than accepting that position.

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    It is really an unfortunate case that many efficient and capable people have lost their jobs during the pandemic phase due to sluggish demand of the products produced by the industries. The organisation was not having any option but to retrench the people for keeping the viable health of their industries. Some employees resigned in their own due to the various reasons but once the situation is near normal with the least cases of corona, the ex - employees are interested to have their lost jobs but sadly, employers have made fresh recruitment in lieu of the experienced ones. This has resulted in remote possibility of the absorption of the old ones. Management is gainer by retaining the fresh employees offering them less salaries in lieu of higher perks to the old one's.

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    One thing in this respect is there that many people who were asked to go home have already aligned themselves in some other work like some business or some trading of goods or joining some shop etc and they are now well settled in these different jobs but are actually happy because they are near their home towns and near to their families. So even if the opportunity comes they might not go back. One of our neighbour's son had come back from the gulf area during the corona time and has started some small business here and now not in a mood to go back and his parents are very happy on this development.
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