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    Small kids compulsion to wear specs

    The modern mothers are facing a peculiar challenge that at the tiny age of 3 or 5 they are forced to arrange for specs to the child because the vision is lost either due to constant viewing of television from the very near of the tv or always hooked to the cell phone viewing by the child. Just to keep the annoyance of the child, the mothers are obliging for tv and cell phone viewing but that is having large impact on their viewing pleasure and they need to wear specs for sure and that is the minus point for every child when he enters the school for the first time.
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    This is a real problem. Many small kids are getting habituated to TVs or smartphones and spending a lot of time on them only. That habit is creating problems related to vision.
    Last week my granddaughter was sick. we have taken her to a children specialist and he gave her medicines. He was mentioning about this problem. He was telling me that small kids who are just 4 or 5 years are complaining about vision problems and he advised me to be careful and not to give smartphones to my granddaughters. Luckily my granddaughters till now are not having any attachment towards TV or smartphone.
    The parents should be careful and they should not hang on to their phones when their children are with them. Otherwise, children will get habituated and afterwards they may have to face many health-related problems.

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    To keep the child engaged and busy parents are encouraging small kids to phone and tv habits.
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    Obviously the radiation emitting out the smartphone is really dangerous in many ways and constant glueing over the smartphones and TV can invite many health issues to all. Now even the children are addicted to the smartphones and TV because of twin reasons. Firstly the parents working in IT companies are currently doing their jobs living in their residence due to corona phase and thinking that their concentration should remain in the job, they have provided smartphones to their kids. This will allow the parents to work smoothly on their projects. Apart from this, children are assigned home work and they need to attend online classes with this rout making this apparatus inescapable to them. We are not sure how long such classes under the present fashion will continue. Once the situation normalises, we can take them into confidence to desist from such habits or at least, they will be allowed for the minimum time to operate this gadgets.

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    There are two main reasons for this the first reason is very obvious that if we give the smartphone to the children and they use it near their eyes for long hours and then they also see cartoons in the TV for a long time then ultimately the load will come on their eyes only and it is possible that the children when tested are found to have weak eyes and asked by the doctors to get the specs.
    Second reason is related to taking of outside junk food in place of the nutritious homemade food. Junk food also makes our body weak and it is possible that eyes are also affected after prolonged use of unhealthy foods. Parents have to keep a check on their children in this respect.
    It is sad that now a days we are seeing so many children wearing spectacles.

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