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    Why praising someone is not tolerated ?

    Why most would join a person to demean and degrading for any misses or wrong doing, when it comes to praising, not many would join and probably praising others may not be tolerated by many. While good and bad are going to happen and the critics should have the courage to balance in their reading of a person. One can understand that too much praising also has the negative impact but giving a pat for the good things done would augur a good phase of understanding a person in a most better way. By the way no one works for the praise of others and their intentions are very clear towards working.
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    Praising is tolerated as long as the person being praised is worthy of it. Too much praising that too without any merit will definitely have a negative impact. There are many people who without doing anything worth mentioning get praise from others because the persons praising expect favors or blind believers of such a person.
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    It is a natural human tendency that people generally do not praise others until unless someone is extraordinarily brilliant or exceptionally doing well. When we praise a particular person in front of another one then this person might take offence that he or she is not as good in comparison to that person. Though our intention was never like that. When we praise a person doesn't mean that we are demeaning others. So this is a type of fallacy existing in our society that people do not tolerate it when somebody is being praised.
    Some times in the offices or work places some seniors will praise someone to motivate the person just sitting with them and it is one of the management techniques of inspiring and encouraging someone. It may work or may not work will depend on the person as how is taking it.

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    Praise is a word that falls into different degrees and so asking why people do not tolerate praising someone is meaningless. I am in total agreement with KVRR when he says that no one would oppose or feel irritated when someone is praised if such person is really worthy of the praise. It is sort of a compliment. To praise someone means to express our admiration or respect for someone or something but when it exceeds the simple expression and goes beyond that, then praise attains a different degree. No one would be intolerant towards well-defined and well-meaning praise but it may not sound soothing to everyone's ears when praise takes the form of flattery, blandishment, fawning, adulation, puffery etc. So, it is always better to control your relations, emotions, inclinations and fascinations when it comes to praising somebody.
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    This is true when someone deserves praise everyone should praise the person.We often seen people who are just waiting, when someone do something wrong and they got a chance to criticize them but when others do some good deeds people do not praise them. By praising others we actually promote good thing to be a part of society because when we praise others for their good work, they motivated to do so with more enthusiasm in the future.

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    So far as I think that people are not in the habit of praising others except in the some situations when one finds that the job undertaken by him is really exceptional and the man concerned needs to be praised. However, we should inoculate this habit in our day to activities as well and we can praise our own children for their better accomplishment of the tasks or even we can praise our own colleagues doing excellent jobs in their fields While encouraging our own circles, we are creating motivations among them and we can make them more efficient. Hardly a few encouraging words would change their lives for better.

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    There are two people in a group and both of them played an important role in making the task given to them a success. Then both of them require equal praising and comliments. But if we start praising only one among the two in presence of the second person, the second person will definitely never like or tolerate the praising. That is natural.
    A person who deserves appreciation should be appreciated and everybody will accept the same.
    Another point is that our personal interests or affiliations should not be a reason for appreciating the other person. I have seen many political leaders who go on parsing their leader as they have to do that for their survival. As long as he is in power people will go on appreciating him. But common should not do that. We should be able to demark between good and bad and always we should appreciate the good.

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