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    Updating old articles or creating new ones, what's your take ?

    Across the world and even in India there are many bloggers and articles writers who have been giving us food for knowledge enhance and their continued blogging and sharing best resources are of immense value and even at the ISC we are bestowed with some good writers who creates awesome articles for the world to benefit. But my question is very simple, should we update the existing blogs or articles with new information or create altogether new article on varied subjects ? What is your take on this matter ?
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    Very nice query by the author. In my opinion for a writer both these things are important in their own way. Writing new articles is definitely the usual think where latest ideas and things can be described in the current perspective. Most of the readers go for new articles hoping to get new material for reading. There is a deluge of new articles in the web and in that situation people might not be able to go to the old articles until unless they are of very high quality.
    In view of the above it becomes very necessary to update the old articles so that they are also added to the new stream and new feed where the current readers are generally present. Updating an article means we are not only reviving it with all the updated data and the new things in that particular field but the article takes a new birth altogether. I have seen that whenever we update an article esspecially a good article then the traffic increases to it.

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    If the content writer wants to update his article with the incorporation of more attractive features considering the present timing, he can do so to attract the traffic. Numerous write ups especially in the IT languages, we can see dramatic transformations due to changes of their utilities and hence the need minor updating in terms of their popularity.
    Similarly, in other technical fields some updating would be desirable. Keeping the same points in mind, the writer would like to add a few vital points to make the same representing the updated informations.
    The writer has to ensure to add the latest features in the same article so as to attract more crowds. The ultimate effect of such addictions will fetch rapport to the writers.

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    I want to add one thing here which is important for all of us as well as for ISC is that there are many members who have contributed a significant number of articles in ISC and if they get time it would be a very good idea to update them one by one as well as if possible add some FAQ also in that. I have a strong feeling that if it is done in a major way it would have impact on the traffic in a positive way. Of course there are some articles in the nature of admissions, entrance exams etc which would not have such a scope but still there will be many which would give us good dividends.
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    Both are important. Updating the articles which were written earlier with the changes that took place afterwards and adding any further information is very important so that that reader will get the updated information on the subject. Writing new articles on other subjects which are not covered earlier and trying to publish them for the benefit of the readers is also important.
    Again the best course of action will also depend on the subject on which the article is written. Some articles can't be updated and they should be written new only. Many articles need to be rewritten due to the developments that have taken place in that field and it may require a full article to explaining the subject fully.
    When we write an article about a college, it may be updated in the next year if there is not much variation in its performance. But if there is a remarkable change it is better to go for a new article only.

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