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    Morning is the time for positive thoughts

    Our day starts with the morning. If we are happy and cheerful in the morning time then it is likely that our day will go smoothly and nicely. It is necessary to keep positive thoughts and constructive ideas in our mind in the morning time because that will dictate and guide the whole day later in all the activities where we are going to be engaged.
    Getting up in the morning after a good sleep generally results in fresh mind. It can further be upgraded by doing some yoga or light exercises which will refresh us and make us ready for the coming challenges in the day. Some people are having a habit of praying to the God and remembering him to give strength for the tasks to be taken up later in the day.
    Do you also feel that being positive in the morning time makes our day happy and successful? What is your experience in this regard?
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    I do agree and believe that our good thoughts which begins in the morning would take us through the day and we would be cheerful and be a achiever. For me early morning wake us has become the habit and find the mind fresh after a good awesome sleep and having tranquil atmosphere, it is the best time to invoke one to one worship and prayers with the God, go for good thought of the day and swear that you will do at least one good thing by the end of the day. Good thoughts are the food for our enhanced behavior with others and we need to keep in mind that merely reading the thoughts is not enough, and in fact we must practice the same so that others would get convinced about our clarity of life. One thing is sure our positive behavior depends on the positive thoughts we come across from the people through messages and talks.
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    It is true that our mood in the morning will decide how the day is going to be. That is why people say go to bed early and get up early and do exercise or yoga. Then perform pooja and then get into your work. A peaceful mind in the morning will chalk out a programme for the whole day and will also work out how to execute our plan.
    If we don't have a peaceful sleep at the night, we may not have a pleasant atmosphere in the morning and our minds may not be cheerful. That is why a night of good sleep is also important. Going early to bed and getting up early from bed is suggested by all the elders to have good sleep only.
    A pleasant mind will always give you pleasant and positive thoughts. It will act as an energy booster and immunity booster. So one should always try to keep his bind free from unnecessary thoughts in the morning and try to spend time peacefully so that the day will be fruitful.

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    Our elders often advised us to pray in the early morning and thank the superpower for this life, at the same time thank every person or other resources given by the nature to be a part of our life due to which our life is possible. The same thing also suggested by the author is absolutely true. When we start afresh and positive morning our whole day becomes amazing and we feel more enthusiastic and energetic the entire day under any circumstances, that is why we should keep our thinking positive especially in the morning time to make our day better and happy.

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