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    A major setback in my personal life

    Any member used to eating junk food or street food or spicy food please take this advice: stop it totally. I was admitted for the cataract surgery in my right eye which went on so well.

    And in the evening, I developed chest pain and back pain that killed me literally. I could not bear it at all. My son-in-law and daughter took to the nearest multispeciality hospital in Chennai at Velachery. It is bang next door. The Golden hour treatetment saved me. It was a massive heart attack. I would feat on junk food. I would feast on oily food for decades mocking at people who would warn me, as I have never been a diabetic.

    But when the tragedy strikes, everything goes for a six. It happened to me. It should not happen to anyone.
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    Good to hear from the author that a major health risk was averted and he was successfully timely operated to be back in action. Though we know that eating outside junk food with to much oil residues in it, we are inviting risk for our life as the author narrated it can even lead to massive heart attack. For that matter there is no testing done as to what kind of cooking oil is used and what goes as the additional mixing to show that it is cooking oil. Once I asked a road side vendor as to how they are coping up with increased palm oil and refined oil price, he said that they get the hotel brand at cheaper rates. So he revealed what is going on behind the scene. By offering 170 rupees a liter of sunflower oil the vendors cannot serve Idli at 20 and wada at 25 per plate. So this is the lesson for all that we should avoid junk oily food.
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    This is a very sad news. Eating junk food regularly and ignoring the exercises and following a sedentary lifestyle is generally said to be the reason of heart attacks. There could be other physiological reasons also but doctors will tell the same thing to the patients. The problem with heart is that many times we don't know about it until there is an attack. Those who are getting the tests for checking heart regularly are sometime saved from the attacks as the doctors come to know about it during the testing process. In most of the cases this is solved by doing angioplasty and putting some stents in the arteries which are clogged or blocked.
    The heart attack cases are increasing day by day and it is attributed mainly to the faulty lifestyle that most of us are following.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sivakumar, very happy to note that you survived the massive attack due to timely medical intervention. Hope you are keeping fine now.

    You are right in a way that junk foods and oily eatables can damage your health but a limited intake of the same combined with some exercise daily has been proved to be helpful in reducing such risks. In addition to that, it would be better if persons above fifty years of age, especially those who have a family history of diabetics, heart problems etc, undergo medical check-ups during regular intervals. Limiting the intake of foods in the risk zone right from a young age is a good and safe way out.

    Anyway, take care and look after your health.

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    Sivakumarji, I am very happy to note that you survived the massive heart attack and are back to normal health again. The junk food sold by the vendors on the street side is very dangerous but many people prefer it. Hope your message will awaken all such members. Hope to see you back on the forum with full vigor.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    It is good to know that you survived the heart attack by God's grace and prompt medical attention. It seems to have been a wake-up call for you. Wishing you good health with the right diet. Take rest, take care!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Dear Sivakumar,
    I am very happy to know that you come out of the problem of heart attack and I wish and pray that God should give you healthy and long life. I can understand the pain you have undergone. The timely action took by your daughter and son in law should be appreciated and you should thank God for your recovery. Timely action in such time is very much needed and that only saved you. My cousin brother was having a mild heart attack but the doctor treating him couldn't notice the same in time and my cousin brother is no more now.
    I accept that we all should avoid junk food. Many people think that at young age junk food can be taken. But that is not correct and the oil used in these preparations is the reason for all these problems. So eating junk food is not good for persons of all ages.

    always confident

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    It is very sad to know that the author faced a serious heart attack.
    May God bless him with sound health.

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    Dear Shivkumar,
    I am happy to know that you received timely of the doctors in the hours of crisis and with their cooperations, you could come out with the massive heart attack with the timely medical intervention. You are right that negligence starts from the side of ourselves taking junk foods frequently without taking care of our health. We don't estimate the side effects of adulterated oils being used by the hotels for making different dishes. Palm oil is the cheapest variant with which other edible oil is mixed to run their business. The ultimate sufferers are the consumers. Junk foods have been the part of our consumption and we are not at all serious in this issue. The author has provided us as a reminder to take care of our health ignoring such foods which will have the telling effects on our hearts.

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    It is not only me. The very young are also eating too much junk food ordered through Swiggy. And exercise is not much as the IT guys work for 18 hours per day, even from home. The elders should advise them. Am told that I can have one home made vada after 9 months, provided I walk minimum 4 kms every day after some ten days from now.

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    I am happy to know that you are recuperating and I wish you a speedy recovery. This post is an important message to all of us and we need to follow this advice. As you have already mentioned in your post about the warnings and advice that you never followed, I think it may be a general tendency of people. Now, you need to follow all the advice of the healthcare professionals strictly and take all the necessary precautions so that it is not repeated.

    Stay well and Stay safe.


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    Mr. Shivakumar,
    Thanks to God that you survived from a severe heart attack due to junk food. But I really wonder to know that you being a person who always write about good food in Tamilnadu hotels go for junk food from the roadside hotels. Everything has a limit including junk food. Roadside junk food is not that bad as we think. There are many roadside hotels provide good food at cheaper rates. We should choose the good roadside hotel and go for it. Once upon a time, I used to love eating from roadside hotels, but I have limited it these days.

    No life without Sun

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    It is such a relief that you are well and good and this near-death experience has taught you something which you are propagating further, fast food and oily food is really very common these days and so much harmful but we take it's negative sides very causally until we suffer something so severe. Recently I also got treated for a stomach infection due to much consumption of fast food and oily food and the suffering I went through during these 3-4 days was life long experience I can't completely understand the agony you went through but I do understand the impact of such condition. Best wishes to you for having the resolution to avoid fast food and prayers for your good health.
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    Good to see you back in action.

    Sometimes we do not get the importance of do's and don'ts to apply in our lives which could be the scenario with any of us and as a consequence to this we get the occasional surprises.

    I wish the author a happy and healthy life ahead but at the same time I want others to take a note on the lesson learnt and shared by the author.

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    thanks to all members. Yes. the agricultural labour in our neighborhood at Sholinghur do eat idilis served at one rupee apiece or vada at Rs.2 apiece. but they work so hard and their physical exercise makes them healthy I guess. Am also told that they do eat rather cheap non-veg food at cheap prices. My walking was irregular. Just because my family no history of diabetis , I assumed that everything if fine even if I do not walk regularly. Last evening check up after 11 days was ok but am advised to walk for five minutes a day for one week ten minutes a day for the next week and son, within the house.

    Only after 100 days or so, am advised to walk for 15 minutes outside. am told mine was a massive block on the main source of supply of blood to the heart.

    SUN Sir, you are right. i would eat only in the branded upper middle-class restaurants like Murugan iddli shop while in Chennai. But I do not stay at Chennai. my own house is in a small town called sholinghur. The funny aspect of this town is that it is a temple town, There are 76 kalyana mandapams here booked for all marriage days. The public out here have innovated a method to feast on the wedding food. They would claim to be distant relative of the girl getting married, have breakfast or lunch or even dinner and the vegetarian hotel guys barely make profits. Hence, the oily items are offered at the smaller outfits where they reuse palm oil. Hence, this is dangerous.

    Since we had a car we would often visit Chennai and eat in the best of hotels. This luxury is not there at Sholinghur, 110 kms from Chennai.

    Anyway, my sincere advise to anyone: pl avoid junk food. But if you have it walk for 5 kms everyday.

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