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    Companies have compulsions to follow the consumer behavior

    Companies have been established to have long standing demand and relations with the customers as their product and services must satisfy their needs and also evolve strategies to introduce new products and services that are the expectations from the permanent customers. Merely selling what the customer wants may not last long as the competitor is ready to outsmart and over take the quality and service and even pricing , therefore companies need to be vigil and have the eye on the consumers expectations and behavior.
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    Customer is the most important person for our business activities and business enlargement. Without him no business has any worth. Today companies are adhering to so much advertisement in the media and going for digital marketing of their products and doing so many special activities to promote their products - all these things are being done in order to attract the customer or make a strong customer base. Customer has many choices in hand as he can go through various products and various companies and can opt for any item he feels is better and reasonably priced. So customer is the king and industry has to treat them in the same manner. Customer will not spend money until he is satisfied with the product. He may spend by mistake once but will never return back. So, a business requires both the things - maintaining quality and attract the customer and of course it's a big task for any company.
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    For any business, the customer is very important and if there is no customer you can't do any business and you can't get any profit. A company will do the business to get some profit only. No business is done for service. If your business has to flourish you have to attract customers. At the same time, you should not lose your existing customers. A customer loss will be more dangerous than not getting a new customer. If a customer is lost, definitely he will talk bad about the company and product. That negative talk will make the newcomers hesitate to come. So every business person should give maximum importance to the customers and no stone should be left unmoved to retain them. That is the reason all companies will see that they will have a good customer service department and try to satisfy them with their immediate response and service. I have seen many companies losing their customer base mainly due to their bad customer relations. Customer is the important factor in our business but he is never a dstrubance.
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