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    How to reduce or get rid of our egos?

    It is said and our elders also had advised us time to time that at the end of the day we should thank God for making our day so nice and pray him to make it same next day also. Probably the reason behind this thanksgiving was to remove the notion that 'I have done it' part of the proud element that one possesses and which builds the ego in a person.
    We all know that ego does not do any good to us and it only shows off our highhandedness or high position to others. It is believed that if a person can reduce the amount of ego in him then he can become a better person in life and will not be showing off in this world unnecessarily to others. How can we reduce our ego? What is your opinion about this?
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    A person who thinks that he is also one among others and he is not anything special will not have any ego. But we will not see many without ego. I did it. It is my achievement. These feelings are responsible for this ego.
    Once a great personality went to see a king and he met the security and asked him to inform the kin, "I came'' After some time the security person came back and told the pandit that the king asked you to come " After the death of I". The pandit could not understand immediately and left the place. After thinking a lot of time only he realised that one should not have that I feeling. The pandit understood that the feeling of I should not be there for anybody.
    We all know that if 'I' is replaced with 'WE' even ' illness' will become wellness. If really somebody wants to come out of this ego one should start thinking about others and society. As long as an individual is having overconfidence and proud, coming out of this ego is very difficult.

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    For that matter this pandemic has taught a good lesson for those who were about to build their own egoistic approach of having assets at the demeaning of others or snatching right of others. The words I have done it is very selfish and has the over confidence dose which the God does not like. I have seen many business man in Hyderabad who have become very rich through their business are affected by Corona and got hospitalized as they spent huge money for recovery and unfortunately were declared dead and thus with the person the money also gone and that made the rich people wonder that this corona had the specific task of taking lives of those people who are not kind to others and had the worst ego of self prosper and others to go under. Never expect anything from others and give cash or kind to those who need it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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