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    The Chief Justice of India is leading from the front.

    Justice Ramana took the oath as Chief Justice of India in April 2021. He will be retiring in August 2022. From the time he took the oath, he is striving to prove that he is true to the constitutional oath he has taken. He did a tremendous job in this short time to uphold the rights of the citizens bestowed by the Constitution of India. The Chief Justice comments on the bureaucrat and the police are really note-worthy. His actions and comments are really sending a positive note to the people of India. He is certainly leading the judiciary from the front in administering justice. Judiciary is the last hope of the people to get justice and it is being well handled by this gentleman. Wish he had more service.
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    True. Justice Ramana is really doing a good job. He is openly coming out in favour of the Public who really deserves help from the Law. In some cases, he is directly hitting on the head of the nail without any hesitation. That is what is required from Judiciary. I think. Actually, the public is losing confidence in the judiciary of the country. But this person is trying to rebuild the confidence of the people by showing the faults of the executive and the bureaucrats. Many people are appreciating this man openly.
    Unfortunately. the AP government and the Chief Minister of the State made a complaint about this man only to the then Chief Justice. But the Supreme Court dismissed his petition. But now the whole country is watching this man and now we can understand the nature of the government in AP and the leader of the government there. Unless otherwise the Judiciary world independently and without any prejudice, a common man of the country can't get the desired justice.

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    Rightly said by the author that CJI Ramana is taking those cases to which even the public are outraged to ask the government there by proving that he is leading the judiciary from front. What i liked the recent observation from CJI that he pulled the UP government has to why the arrest was not made when the police has filed the case against the Union Minister son for causing rash driving and killing many. When citizens asked the court through the social media as to the slow progress of UP govt on this matter and thus taken the case on its own and argued for speedy arrest of the high profile wronged son. Even in AP he is going to take some actions which were against the judiciary and soon the Jagan govt would see the wrath. In fact Justice like CJI Ramana should be given extended term and cleanse the politics.
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    At a time when the highest Judicial office in India was coming under a shadow of doubt due to some calculations by political bigwigs and miscalculations by people holding the office, Justice N.V Ramana has once again proved that the Judiciary is governed by the Constitution only and not by anything else. He has set the Apex Court in the right direction once again and has been instrumental in sending a strong message across the lines that the role and power of the Judiciary cannot be questioned. The approach by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in many recent cases involving the Central Government has instilled confidence among the masses that everything has not yet been lost.

    We need people like Justice Ramana at the helm of affairs so that the common man feels assured that his rights will not be trampled upon.

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    Yes, it is true that Mr.Ramana is doing justice to his high esteemed post and he is giving hope to common man. In so many disputes related to public and government , he is going with the constitution and never yielding favor to government. He is advising central government on key issues of the country and asking their help in upholding the constitution. He is the most deserving person who got as our CJI and he really bringing justice to the public and common man without any fear or favor. I am really feel proud as he is one of our university mate as I studied PG at the same time.

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    It is true that Mr. Ramana has given a new life to the ailing judiciary and people have much hope from him. At the same time our laws, rules, and regulations also require some changes so that the confusions and dubiousness is removed in their interpretation. If the present Govt does it successfully then the job of the Judges would also become easier. The intelligent lawyers take advantage of the shortcomings in our laws and their definitions. It is high time to revise the clauses and chapters in the law with a new vision of developing India. Mr. Ramana's role will be crucial during these exercises.
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    Yes, that is correct and we need more such people. When anarchy is everywhere and every political party is concerned only about power paying less regard to the rules someone has to remind them they are not doing the right thing and the constitution is above all. Another important thing is the implementation. The words and actions of the CJI are strong and every government has to implement the orders compulsorily. If it is not implemented then the judiciary has to take another step forward to see that the orders are properly implemented. Everyone must remember that we are guided by a constitution and not by any political party.

    Kudos to Justice Ramana to instil the required faith in the judiciary among people.


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    As soon as he joined as the new CJI , justice Ramana called for inclusive thought process in the police by not drawing a conclusion that the accused has done wrong and brought to the court without even making preliminary investigations as in some cases are framed by the opposite persons giving complaints with false information and made the police to realize the grave mistakes done and the police gets into furious act of getting the information through normal and third degree method. He made a very good point that those who are not concerned to the crime and yet being framed in the charges and for years there is no respite from courts on final orders.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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