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    Will writing essays in general earn cash?

    It is known to all of us that ISC is an academic portal now, so I have a question. Some time ago, there was an article writing contest on values and virtues under the essay section. May I write such essays in general also or not? If yes, will it earn only points or cash too? Kindly clear my doubts.
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    The contest for essay writing on values and virtues was closed. However the author has right to create good essays on the same subject and submit for approval and cash credits. Normally there is no stoppage for any member to contribute in resources section and essays are always welcome on different subjects. The author and other members can also write general essays under the right sub categories so that the approval is accorded for the write ups. And for every writing in this site is always awarded with the cash credits and if the essays on general topics are good and impressive even good cash credits are also possible. So there need not be two thoughts in this subject and the author may churn out good general contents for the essays and I would be closely watching such contributions and would certainly respond also.
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    When ISC switched to become a truly academic Portal than these things were discussed at that time. As far as I remember the webmaster made it very clear at that time that only the articles related to educational matters like courses, admissions, institutes, colleges, Universities, entrance examinations, competitions, syllabus, and other relevant things will be eligible for cash points.
    Over and above that if there is any specific article or essay contest announced by ISC time to time then the terms and conditions mentioned in that announcement will be applicable for that contest.
    This is what is my understanding about this issue. If there is anything else in this matter then we will be hearing it from the concerned editors or webmaster in this thread itself when they make their responses to this query.

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    Shampa, please refer to this thread by Tony sir. General essays will not be discouraged, but they may not get cash credits. I suggest you try to connect your general topic to a field that would fall under academics in some way. For example, while values and virtues is a general topic, we can always connect it to Moral Science that is taught in many schools.
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