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    With China acceptancy declining across the world, India need to grab opportunities

    Population wise India and China has the most competent youth presence and our professionals, researchers are spread across the other countries contributing their findings. Now that China loosing the power to lead in all fronts, India need to ignite the chance of opportunities and turn the favors to its side and this is the time we can vertically take off in all spheres over taking the dragon country. And India has the good reputation across many countries and our expertise and experts have good niche to create wonders for the world.
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    Due to covid-19 situation across the globe the reputation of China decreased significantly. China's apparent inclination towards the terrorist and fundamentalist groups is also a matter which many countries are not liking. Though China is a very strong economy and a very strict communist regime, it is losing ground in many respects across the globe. India being another populated country in the vicinity and having all sorts of capability to come up is the natural beneficiary of this situation. The present regime in India can take advantage of the situation by marketing and advertising Indian products throughout the world and take advantage of India's earlier historical reputation also due to which so many invaders and groups came to India to rule here or take the gold and spices back to their countries.
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    China's reputation is coming down. That is true. But still, they have supremacy in many areas. So it is very difficult to rule out China completely. They will not withdraw very easily. In India, the political atmosphere is not very good. Always there will be a fight between the ruling and the opposition parties. They will concentrate more on their own development more than the country. Even some good leaders try to do something good, the other leaders may not cooperate with them and we will not see any proper development in the country. Indian people are becoming lazy due to the free money that is coming to them from the government. Another problem in India is merit will not get the required encouragement. So people with merit and who want to excel in their lives are trying to get out of India and see that they will be happy there. So how best India can take the advantage of the situation after the decline of China is a big question mark. However, let us hope something good will happen and India will progress in the coming days.
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    The policy makers at the center need to take care of this changed scenerio.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I want to add one important point here that India can definitely take advantage of the present situation when China is losing at some fronts but at the same time we should not underestimate China because China has some inherent strengths and it can come out of any adverse situation quickly and effectively. Some highlights of China's strengths are - its big army, low unemployment, good condition of farmers, huge construction activities, foresight in future planning, high GDP etc. So, it is only a matter of some time that China would again come back to its earlier glory. China has a very strict governance and has got all the fundamental elements in place which are required for the development and progress of a country.
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