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    What are changes you expect in India and world in next 20 years ?

    The beginning of 2020 was worst for the world and some countries faced their worst economic crisis and still not coming to terms. In this back drop even India faced big challenge but we could able to manage on our own. Given this situation the future seems to be more questionable as there are new threats from enemies and the diseases to which mankind has to live with fears. What may be major changes we can expect in another 20 years from now. Will there be cordial relations, or severe enmity to wipe out others ? Will the merit has the place or the goons would rule the situation ?
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    It is said that we should always consider and think that future will be better than today. This is of course a positive way of thinking. But the fact is that we cannot ignore the development and changes in the word in the recent past and think only positive.
    The way that the drug cartels are doing their business across the global boundaries clearly shows that future is not going to be very bright. The employment situation worldwide is also deteriorating very fast not only because jobs are not there but because in the industries and business area the management is preferring atomization and working on the cloud rather than relying on the physical man power. Then there are some terrorist groups which do not want to change their ways in the coming times also. Seeung all these unfortunate things we can easily get an idea of coming times during the next 20 years.

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    A human being is always optimistic. So they always think that their life will be better in the coming days. So far in my life, I have seen development only. Definitely, there is a good development in all the fronts in many countries till 2020. But 2020 was a big setback and the same trend is going on so far in 2021 also.
    The population is increasing. Requirements are increasing. The need for money is increasing. People are not hesitating to follow any path for earning. Against this backdrop, I feel there will be more unruliness in the coming 20 years. The politicians are in need of money and power. The people want free comforts. So we will see more lazy people. We will see unworthy people coming to power in the world.
    The longevity of human beings is increasing. So old people will be more in numbers than young people in the coming years. Dependency on machines will become more.

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