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    Are the teens concerned about diet or wants to enjoy all taste food ?

    As we grow up from the small child to the teen age, the taste buds also changes and now we are exposed to whole lots of foods and left to our discretion as to what to taste and what to leave. While some teens has become more health conscious, thanks to their exposure to social circles at the early age and they draw their wisdom in selecting the good food that is not detrimental to their health but generally the teens have the freak out tendency and wants to enjoy new food and new life and their joyful pursuit in this direction is notable.
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    I remember that when we were in our childhood age then we very yearning for the street food, school canteen food, or anything which is prepared outside the house. It is the natural tendency of children to get lured by those colourful, hot, and steaming items. But our financial condition always stopped us to go for those indulgences and we were only seeing the other well to do children enjoying those things. we did not have any health awareness at that time.
    Today also there are only a few youngsters who have an awareness towards their health and are keeping fit. Most of them are attracted to the junk foods and other such things available in the market. The roadside and Street foods and the small joints where all sort of lucrative food items are provided are collectively a very big industry and thriving on the basic fact that people are lured by the junk foods.

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    Health consciousness will be generally less in young people. They want to go for tasty foods and enjoy then food generally that is available outside. These days even elder people also are forced to eat out as both wife and husband are working and have no time to prepare food in the house. Once you want to eat out you will select the best available outside. That is how some elders are also consuming junk food. So we can understand the feelings of young people.
    But some young people also these days are becoming more aware of their health and trying to control their eating habits. Added to that almost from the last 18 months going out for eating has come down drastically. Now people are more thinking about their health and even young people are also very conscious. This is a good sign and I feel this will continue and people will be more aware of the problems of junk food and they may not go for them.

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    These days people are being health conscious but they are being more fitness conscious. When some youth feel that they have more fat or a heavy body that is not suited on them and they want to make themselves fit by physical appearance, they will surely follow a diet plan or healthy diet system. We do not sure how long they will continue to do so but at least they think about doing so. As far as nutritional diet or a healthy diet is concerned, very few youths like to follow it in their teen's bu may be after 30 or 35 they think about their health. I also know some people who have fatty physic but they do not want to compromise with their diets.

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    Many of us habituated with the indulgence of street foods taking the same at least twice a week. If the same is not exceeded and are taking steps for the regulation of fats with brisk walks or mode of exercise, the side effects can be curtailed. But the fact is the manner how these foods are prepared and dished out for the customers becomes irresistible to them. Due to the same reason, youngsters are more hooked to the junked foods. However, we can see that these group of people are somewhat conscious in relation to food intakes. They now have been conscious of proper intake of foods with less oil and spices. More they are conscious of their intake, more will be appreciated.

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    I think we all like foods that are tasty. To some extent, eating outside is a part of our habit and children develop this habit when they find their parents eating outside frequently. Now, when the taste is superb and people have the choice to taste mostly they will do it. Teenagers have the inclination towards new foods, even junk foods too as they do not develop health issues immediately like the aged persons. Nowadays, many teenagers are health conscious and go the gyms for workouts. Some of them follow a specific diet but it may not be possible to maintain such diets all the time strictly because of their peers. It is very natural for teenagers to be enthusiastic and to try something new. Often they do not listen to their parents and take junk foods frequently as the aftereffects are not felt immediately. Though it is the age where the concern for aftereffects is not there, it is always better to be cautious and maintain a balanced diet all the time.

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