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    What happens when we forget to do our homework?

    I remember during our school times when we forget to do our homework then we were having a tough time in the class and where feeling much embarassed about it. Teacher would also eventually bang us for that.
    What I want to highlight here is that in general also homework is a very important thing in our lives because if we go to attempt anything without the homework then there are good chances that we will fail in our attempt. One of the main characteristics of the successful people which I have observed is that they do their homework before taking up any job, or attending a meeting, or starting a project, or anything of that sort. I personally also feel that homework is a very important thing and we must give due importance to it in our lives. What do you think about this?
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    If we are image conscious, we should ensure that enough homework has been done so to create impact among the audience. Our familiarisation with the subject is not enough, we need to ensure how the same thing is represented before the listener. People are having enough confidence to influence their listeners with their speech. They can even attract more traffic because of their expertise because of the command of the subjects being dealt with.
    Still then, some homework work would be essential to brush up the materials so that the rhythm of speech is not distorted. Moreover, one will have enough confidence in himself if the relevant details have been included in the speech.

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    If we don't do our homework properly, we may not be able to perform well in our tasks. When we have to speak something in a meeting. we should do our homework properly and we should have a plan for the talk. Otherwise, we can't talk properly and come out we may not be able to convince others to our points. So we have to do our pre-meeting work properly. Conduct ourselves as planned and then we will bring the others also on the lines of our thoughts.
    Like this for any task pre-planning and preparation are very important. That is why many times we say to our colleagues or subordinate who did not live our expectations that they have not done their homework properly. Not only during our education days but also during our career also it is very important to do the homework properly so that we will be successful in our life.

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    Forgetting to do home work is indicates nothing but our laziness. The punishment or insist by a master is only for our benefit but not for the master on any account. The loss out of the absence of home work is only to us. At any cost we should do our home work by giving priority to that.

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    For that matter home work does not restrict to the school level and it expands beyond that and those who does the spade work before going for their regular works are appreciated for the way of work. Some works need not get the results at once, but the way the ways and means are envisaged and presented would certainly baffle the management to which they would see a prospect at least in the future if not now. And those who have the habit of what has happened in the market and what is conspiring about the company or its products and services are highly regarded because market feedback is more important for any company to watch and take action as the competitor activity need to be kept towed. So home work for any work is very important which would not only record the progress but also suggest good improvements.
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    Not only on school days but we have to do our homework at every stage of our life. In my school days, I hardly forget to do my homework because I do not like to be punished by teachers but in my college days I often forget to manage my homework not because I want to do so but I had other reasons for this. I have seen in my schools most of the girls want their notes and finish their all homework but in this matter, some boys are lazier and they do not even think about to do heir homework. When we are habitual to finish our homework before any work we always prepared ourselves for any job.

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    If it is in school then it is up to the teacher to decide and when at other places homework is directly related to the outcome. If the homework is not done properly then one has not given enough attention to the tasks before executing them. If the task is completed correctly then the result will be close to the expectation and homework is something like a trial run. Last week, there was an important execution at a customer place and for that, we started our preparation much early. Everything was prepared according to the plan before the final execution and after that one of the experts advised us of a trial run. During the trial run, a minor problem was found which was promptly taken care of and we didn't face any issues during the original execution. Doing homework is analysing various aspects of the task before the final presentation and it is always mandatory.

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