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    Saving money is more important than earning

    Saving money is a skill.Everybody don't know about this. Some people earn lot of money in their life time but finally they having low bank balance. On other hand, some people has earning capacity low but bank balance is good. These kind of people know better how and when we have to spent money. Some people spent money on basic need as well important work. I think those people who make monthly budget and spent money on planned way have good bank balance.Dear members, please share your view.
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    Rightly said by the author that saving money is the skill and not everyone does have this art. A person may be earning too much money and at the end of the day if someone wants help he may not have. But I have seen the meager earning person always having money and giving when asked. Those who are spend thrifts and does not have the essence of savings in their mind, cannot expect do have the money all the time. And greats are the house holds who try to save money money from what the husband gives as the monthly budget through their austerity measures and thus instead of saving money in the banks, they would keep somewhere at the home and use them for the emergencies. But one thing is sure , those who have fixed salary and fixed expenses commensurate with the income cannot expect whooping savings for sure.
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    Earning, spending and saving. All three are very important. We require some money throughout our life to live. When we are children we can't earn and we depend on our parents. The next phase is your earning phase in life. This is the phase always something will be happening in our lives. We have to take care of parents, we have to take care of children and we have to manage our life with our life partners. We have to earn for this expenditure. Once we become old we may not be able to earn. So we have to depend on our children. They may have the willingness or capacity to take care of you or they may not have. So when we earn we should reserve some money in the form of savings so that our old age will go peacefully. That is why saving is very important. Whatever we earn we should save a portion of that and the remaining only we should spend. This is very important. One should keep this point in mind and plan the expenditure. Reserve a portion for saving sand remaining only you spend. That will always help you in your old age.
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    Everyone in this world wants to earn money to live a happy and healthy life and to fulfill the requirements and needs of their family or people, for this we do hard work and then only get money. When we got money from one hand we also have some expenses from other hand and we have to manage these expenses to live a life or to survive. Spending money in the right way is the most important key for saving. The right way means to create a balance in earnings and expenses, it does not mean that you cut your important expenses and it also does not mean that you start spending money just for your every enjoyment without thinking about the future.

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    Every one is hankering after money but the way money is earned, at the same rate it is lost because of our spending spree. This is not the way of healthy discipline. In case of emergency needs, they would look for their friends for financial assistance. This is both the crying shame for asking for money and is the reflection of indisciplined approach. We need to introduce financial discipline always so as to make our lives secured in the event of emergency needs. This disciplined approach cannot be initiated unless one is having a firm planning. This should be implemented from the early parts of our lives.

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    Earning is necessary in our lives for our living and for buying facilities for making our life more comfortable. Different people have different jobs or business and have different earning potential. In that situation a question arises as how much money a person should save out of one's earnings. There is no fixed rule for this but one has to to keep in consideration once responsibilities towards family and other commitments and accordingly save the money for the future or future projects. One thing which is very crucial in this matter to remember is that earning is always limited while one can spend whatever one wants so it is very necessary to be very wise when it comes to spending the money.
    Rule of the thumb says that one should at least save 30% of ones earning not only for a rainy day but for executing some big project in ones lifetime. Some people are able to save even up to 50% of their earnings which is a remarkable achievement.
    It is also be noted that good saving requires discipline, control, and order in one's life.

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